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A dear friend, Christine, would always nag at me for not moisturising myself well enough. We go for frequent hot yoga classes together and one of the downsides of Bikram yoga is that our skin may get irritated and dry.

I have been following this How To Moisturize Skin While Practicing Bikram Yoga by The Nest.

Step 1

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Drink water before you start your session. This increases the hydration levels of your skin, which helps counteract the loss that occurs when you sweat during Bikram yoga. Bikram Yoga Folsom suggests drinking three to four liters throughout the day you have a session.

Step 2
Sip water throughout your Bikram yoga session. Grab a drink between poses to help replenish the fluids lost with sweating. Drinking continually helps prevent dehydration by restoring liquid as its lost. Carry a large water bottle to your session and keep it nearby for easy access.

Step 3
Rinse the sweat off your body immediately following your session. Dermatologist, Debra Jaliman suggests using cool water on sweaty skin before leaving the yoga studio. This helps prevent a variety of skin issues, including irritation and clogged pores. It also helps rehydrate your skin after excessive sweating.

Step 4
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Apply lotion before and after a session. Putting it on before you do Bikram yoga helps keep moisture in your skin as you sweat. After your rinse your skin, apply lotion to your body while it is still damp. This seals in the moisture, allowing your skin to soak it up. Rub the lotion all over your body, paying particular attention to the areas that sweat the most.

Focusing on Step 4 today, thank you Wild Harvest Care for sending me your high-quality skincare products that are made with natural ingredients and are inspired by the Australian nature! What I love best about Wild Harvest Care is that they carefully combine the greatest extracts harvested from the Australian wild.
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Wild Harvest Care’s Natural Emu Oil products are manufactured in Australia and are suitable for sensitive skin as ingredients are 100% natural and chemical free!

If you did not know, Emu Oil is one of the richest sources of vitamins around as it contains high amounts of vitamins A and E, omega 3, 6, 7 and 9. It deeply penetrates into the skin, allowing our skin to feel fresh, soft, smooth and moisturised. It also has remarkable healing, and antibacterial properties that lightens stretch marks and scars. It is also known to be able to reduce age spots and wrinkles, regenerate skin cells and also suitable for babies, relieving and healing diaper rash.

Wild Harvest Care’s Emu oil come from free-range Australian Emus which are fed on a healthy diet of natural grain (with no additives or hormones) and pasture! And the emu oil is processed at a world standard rendering plant and complies with Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) standards, HACCP and GMP certification.

Here are the Emu Oil products that I have been introduced to!

Cool Moisture Body Lotion with Emu Oil
I use this moisturizer in the day and enjoy the non-greasy feeling. Most postures require contact with my ams and legs and if it is oily, I will not be able to do the postures without slipping. I also apply Cool Moisture Body Lotion generously after my hot yoga practices. Like the name suggest, it leaves a cool sensation on my skin after application. Reliving me of my rising body temperature after a 40-42 degrees hot class.
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Cool Moisture Body Lotion contains a powerful blend of carefully selected natural ingredients including Natural Vitamin E which provides overall protection to your skin. Nourishes and restores my skin with repairing properties while replenishing moisture!
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I tend to be more generous on my calves which are extremely dry! I take extra care of them by taking an extra step with Pure Emu Oil at nights.

Pure Emu Oil
Pure Emu Oil is Lavender Scented! I love the scent of Lavender and it's benefits. I use lavender essential oil on nights when I have difficulties falling asleep. The soothing effect of Australian Lavender Essential Oil helps to reduce nervous tension, stress and anxiety. The beautiful lavender fragrance is able to help me relax and gently calm my senses. I would use lavender oil on my wrist but that is about all the benefits I can receive.
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I now use Pure Emu Oil for the soothing benefit as well as body care benefit! I use Pure Emu Oil only at nights and apply it on drier areas like my arms and calves.

Lip Balm with Pure Emu Oil
I have very sensitive lips. There was once when we travelled to Europe and my lips were all red and swollen from the cold. Even in Singapore, there are times where the circumference of my lips get dry, a little red and swollen when I am in air-conditioned places for too long. I have to carry a lip balm in my bag to moisturize my lips throughout the day, and more heavily before I go to bed at night.
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Lip Balm with Pure Emu Oil is specially formulated with the infusion of Pure Emu Oil to keep our lips moist and soft. This lip balm is ultra hydrating for above Emu Oil, it has Castor oil, Extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, macadamia oil, Vitamin E and more!

It doesn't mean that if you are not always in air-conditioned places, you do not need a lip balm. Lipsticks can be rather drying on the lips and it is good to keep the lips moisturized throughout the day too. I would apply a thin layer of lip balm before I apply my regular lipstick on now. I now carry this slim, handy lip balm everywhere I go!
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The lip balm also contains another ingredient, beeswax which is very moisturizing. Beeswax contains natural emulsifiers, which help retain moisture in the skin and is especially helpful for dry lips and chapped lips. However, a very small fraction of people may be allergic to beeswax, so please do look out for allergic reactions!

Wild Harvest Care supports beauty and love for the skin and provides natural nourishing skin and body care. You can check out read up more on these 3 products over at Wild Harvest Care website.
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There are not many skincare products in Singapore today that uses Emu oil but everyone should know that Emu oil is lightweight and suitable for Singapore’s humid weather. I have always shun away oil-based products because I do not like the greasy feeling after application. Putting on clothes after application will cause my clothes to feel greasy too, causing discomfort for the entire day! If you share the same worry, be glad to know that Emu oil absorbs into the skin quickly and leaves no greasy feeling after that!
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Wild Harvest Care especially these testimonials which include comparison pictures! You may also take advantage of their promotion sets and make your purchase here today! Above the ongoing promotion, Wild Harvest Care is extending a 10% discount when you quote ZOERAYMOND10 at checkout, this discount is valid only from 17 January to 7 February 2016!

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