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Rakuten Shopping Hack

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I have been surfing and shopping Rakuten this week! The website is soaked with CNY deals to usher in the Lunar New Year that is less than 3 weeks away!

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Navigating the website so much now allowed me to know where to get the best deals, what is a must-do when you are on Rakuten! Since CNY is drawing so close now, to save everyone the trouble of exploring, I have shortlisted 5 of the best tips (these are my favorite 5!) which will definitely benefit you when you shop at Rakuten too!

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1. Sign up for Rakuten's Direct Mailer!
I have just done this and you should too! Sign up for Rakuten's electronic direct mail to receive first-hand notifications of flash sale alerts for the entire Rakuten marketplace! Signing up for the direct mailer includes a whole new advantage for the shopper, we will also be informed of
coupon codes, curated items for the best buys daily which is usually made happen through a combination of shop discounts + Rakuten’s discount!

2. Check out the Deals Corner!
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Don't we always have a habit to check out what's the good deal happening now, what's on sale whenever we shop, be it brick or mortar or online stores? Rakuten has a Deals Corner page where I check out most frequently! Like the write up on page says "Get up to 80% off sale in Rakuten Singapore. Enjoy great savings through Rakuten Super Points, coupons, free shipping, product discounts and many more. We update featured best deals at least once a day so check back often to make sure you don't miss out on our latest daily offers and promotions.", there is no reason why we should not check out this page more often!

11 Malts is new on Rakuten and they have got some great Japanese whisky deals going on there! Purchasing a bottle over at Rakuten actually earns me some good points!
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Purchasing 2 bottles of Nikka Taketsuru 21 Years Whisky gives me 3250 points which equates to $32.30 that can be offset in my next purchase! At Rakuten,, $1 = 1 point. Every 100 points earned = $1 credit off

The ladies in my family have been users of SKII for years now and glad that I can make some purchase over at Rakuten, get some savers and earn 5X points now. SK-II Full Line Trial Kit is at 5% off and yet still clock 855 points for my next purchase!

Besides beauty products, Rakuten also carries fresh food like Kaiho (海宝) Seafood!
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This is going to come in handy for those parties! Fresh quality seafood to our doorstep!? Look at these crabs!! Convenient and I get to earn points, how awesome is that?

Checking out some stuff for the house too!
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Nissho carries popular interior goods from Japan that are high in quality yet affordably priced! I am a big fan of pretty plates for my food flatlays and immediately wow-ed by Acacia's catalogue!
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These wood plates are so pretty and they come in a few sizes and a wide array of colors! My kitchen and I need to own a few of these plates!

3. Purchase with friends!
My friends and I have a habit of asking around in group chats when we want to buy something, especially when it is from overseas. You should also gather your friends to buy items in bulk at Rakuten! Most of the Japanese shops on Rakuten sell in big quantity ie. RamenMiso Soup/ Rice seasoning/ Diapers/ Mineral water etc. and you can save as much as 60% when you share the great deal with your friends!

One of such deals to look out for are saver packs! One of the saver packs that caught my eye is KAO MegRhythm Hot Eyemask (Lavender Sage) x 3 Saver Pack!
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By buying a saver pack of 3, you get 10% savings immediately and earn 270 points! Get Meiji Amino Collagen Starter Saver Pack of 3 and you save 54% and earn 400 points!!

4. Subscribe to the favorite shop's R-mail!
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Besides signing up for Rakuten's direct mail, you can even subscribe to your very own favourite shop’s R-mail! The shop will directly inform you when there are new arrivals or promotions. This email comes directly from the shop themselves.

5. Payment Discount Day!
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This probably comes with age. But now that I dine out, it has became a habit to check if the restaurant has collaborated which any credit card for some discounts! I can now apply this "good habit" at Rakuten to enjoy some savings! So do look out for payment discounts day! Rakuten has special partnerships with banks and credit card companies such as MasterCard Tuesdays! Only on Tuesdays, check out with your MasterCard and get an additional 5% off your shopping cart!

Here’s a summary of the power of my tips, combined!
KAO MegRhythm Hot Eyemask (Lavender Sage) x 3 Saver Pack = $54.90

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Savings: $2.39 (5% Mastercard Tuesday) + $2.70 (Rebate) = $5.09 3 packs: $49.81
1 pack: $16.60
1sheet: $1.10
Cheaper than Guardian or Watsons!

I hope these 5 tips will help you enjoy your shopping spree at Rakuten better! Before I sign off, how about winning some free Rakuten Super Points just by signing up for an account?!

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Wait no further, sign up here and participate in #rakutenangpaogiveaway contest! All you have to do is:
  1. Sign up as a new member at Rakuten
  2. Input the email address you used to register on Rakuten in this form here!
3 bloggers garnering the most number of Rakuten member sign ups will each win $1000 worth of Rakuten Super Points (100,000 RSP)! I will not be keeping this winnings all to myself! Instead, I will be splitting it amongst the first 50 who have signed up. So each of you can gain at least $20 Rakuten Super Points if I were to win!

Contest runs from 25 Jan 2016 to 29 Feb 2016 and points will be credited into your Rakuten member account on 8 March 2016 for you to shop right away!

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