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Melaka 2015 ll

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Quick OOTD in the morning before we headed out for breakfast yay!

Our airbnb guide brought us out for breakfast! We were very lucky to get a great host, he even spent the rest of the morning with us, taking us around Melaka. It was my third time in Melaka but he brought us to places I have never been to, places only the locals know about!
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Favorite shot of us in Melaka!

 photo Photo 7-11-15 11 31 53 am.jpg
Coffee and toast, Melaka style.

 photo Photo 7-11-15 11 21 01 am.jpg

This view... was so breathtaking!

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The sky was perfect that morning, the vibrant blue sky that I can keep staring at! 
Our host brought us for more food! Chendol and some light beef toast which he highly recommended. We ordered 3 chendols to share cause all of us were too full from a whole morning for eating!! He as commenting that we ate so little! He had a group of 5 ladies who came to stay and they had 5 meals a day, each ordering an item each, no share! ... and I thought we ate a lot.

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Trip to Melaka is not complete without a bowl of Chendol!
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Summerco's passport cases are love!!
 photo Photo 7-11-15 11 08 17 am.jpg
Dawn and I in matchy Summurco's bucket bags this trip! HAHA!

We headed back to freshen up and took this group picture via self timer!

 photo Photo 7-11-15 3 04 20 pm.jpg
 photo Photo 7-11-15 3 02 28 pm.jpg
our airbnb apartment has a beautiful exterior, complete with a cool looking see-saw!
 photo Photo 7-11-15 3 02 37 pm.jpg

Back to the shopping mall for some A&W (more food!?) before our karaoke session! Living the life~
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Chicky to share!!
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 photo Photo 7-11-15 3 13 46 pm.jpg
Wearing Carrislabelle romper for the evening!
So glad that I was well-packed for this trip because it was so hot! The sun was scorching and sandals were the best way to move around in!

The last day of our trip started with breakfast at the same place which I host took us and last minute shoppings before we boarded our coach back to Singapore. 
 photo Photo 8-11-15 9 29 28 am.jpg
Special request from Christine, and then Mabs and Sheila to get some Nonya zhang back for them. I was broke from buying these nonya zhangs because I didn't bring enough to spend almost S$100 on zhangs!!

But they look so pretty, this got to be one of my favorite shots taken this trip! Till the next travelogue post! x

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Hi Zoe! (: May I know what camera did you use? Thanks (: