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Staycay with Glam Palm

Photo 30-1-16, 12 23 02 PM
Blogging right from Hotel Jen this afternoon! Spending the weekend here and one of the must bring items along with me for holidays and staycations is a hair styler. But which hair styler, you may ask. After all, I do own at least 4 hair stylers after years of having long tresses.

Photo 30-1-16, 12 25 47 PM
The hair styler I choose to bring along would need to meet these few conditions:

  1. Compact 
  2. Heats up fast
This is my third post for this brand. This should tell you how much I trust and love this brand. They have become my hair styling tool best friend for it's simple to use capability and effectiveness! Curling has become a breeze. There is no excuse for leaving home without doing some twirls with it!

Photo 30-1-16, 12 22 21 PM
Photo 30-1-16, 12 21 01 PM
Heat settings comes in 11 variable which is from 100°C to 200°C and the iron actually heat up within 15 seconds! There is no need for you to turn on the iron and go do something else while you wait for your styler to heat up anymore! (Doesn't this sound familiar to you?)

Photo 30-1-16, 12 22 56 PM
I usually set my styling tool's heat to 150-160 degrees and hold on to a small section of hair for about 5 seconds and I can achieve these curls!
Photo 30-1-16, 12 23 09 PM
Photo 30-1-16, 12 22 15 PM
Photo 30-1-16, 12 22 00 PM
Photo 30-1-16, 12 21 51 PM
Just twirling the ends of my hair inwards!

Photo 30-1-16, 12 21 45 PM

Photo 30-1-16, 12 26 38 PM
This is not my clutch but the bag to bring my styler out in! Comes complete with 2 hair clips!

Photo 30-1-16, 12 23 00 PM
GlamPalm Singapore offers 3 different sizes of stylers and if you are not sure which model to get, check out Styler Guide! The guide recommends based on your hair length, type and what styles you would like to achieve!!

When my hair was shorter (just till my collar bone), I used GP201 which is the one with a standard plate. But I recently wanted a bigger plate styler since my hair was significantly longer now, so I got myself a GP313! I now leave 1 at the boyfriend's place which is so much more convenient (no more hassle of bringing it over and Zonia don't get to use it. Zonia uses it every morning without fail before she goes to work) and 1 at home.

All GlamPalm products are made from start to finish in South Korea and comes with 1 year warranty! To celebrate CNY, now quote CNY50 for S$50 off your styling tools at!

P/s: We will be doing a giveaway of a few hair stylers really soon, stay tuned to!

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