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Tea at CafePal

Photo 28-2-15 12 51 32 pm

Spending the day at CafePal clearing off some work. I love the rose tea here, so fragrant, it's addictive!! 

Photo 28-2-15 12 51 34 pm

I am a sucker for personalized items and I recently got some cool personalized cases from Snupped and they are really unique! I've never come across such excellent material cases which allows full color photos printing that is so vibrantly beautiful!

I got a MacBook case for Zonia, Samsung Tab case for Daddy and an iPhone case for myself! I got 1 of each so I can share that almost everything and anything gadgets related is available at Snupped!

Photo 28-2-15 12 43 22 pm
This was us in London, with the Tower Bridge! 

Photo 28-2-15 12 42 06 pm
I chose the photo we took at Manchester United for Daddy cause I believe it's the place that got him really excited and happy that trip! 

Photo 28-2-15 1 01 03 pm

Photo 28-2-15 1 00 54 pm

I had our Europe pictures printed on these cases cause I love the sets of photos and I miss Europe. The cases remind us of how much we enjoyed the family trip and to go back there again soon! Hehehe! 

So my family can now carry these memories with us in the form of gadget cases. 

Photo 28-2-15 12 55 27 pm
I chose the photo taken at the Switzerland leg of our trip. I could still vividly remember how we sat at the river side just enjoying the cold breeze and watching swans.

Photo 28-2-15 12 58 06 pm

The cases are fully customizable, from the printing to the interior! You can also add handles and inner padded pockets whether you prefer carrying your laptop by hand more or you need to keep your mouse/charger together!

A soft cotton interior keeps your laptop comfortably seated inside, but it is the impact-resistant NBR padding in the middle that keeps your laptop well protected!

If you are keen to get some of these cases too at Snupped, besides free shipping to Singapore, enter zoeraymond at Checkout for 10% off!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Love this dress :) Where is it from?

Tysh said...

love the colour of you hair!
personalized things kyaaaaaa >_<