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Klarra x Strangers Reunion

Spent an evening with KLARRA and fellow Nuffnang bloggers at Strangers' Reunion.

Photo 20-1-15 10 20 21 pm

We were invited for a sneak preview of KLARRA's latest Spring Summer 2015 Collection and to pig into Strangers Reunion's new seasonal menu! You can also visit Strangers' Reunion now to take a look at the beautiful collection!

Photo 20-1-15 7 12 16 pm

Beatrice and her designers have been doing such a great job, it has always been a privilege to be able to wear her designs. The collection was filled with my favorite shades, pastels. KLARRA's Spring Summer 2015 collection unveiled carefully curated separates for the KLARRA women by integrating the classic with modern tailoring techniques to complete the feminine silhouette. 

Photo 20-1-15 7 11 34 pm

KLARRA also launched their new conceptual line, Frontrow, which focuses on unique fabric and prints created with a specific theme. I picked the Kendaz Playsuit and Tulle set in Bondi Blue, I have never seen anything like this design// a playsuit and skirt set! Kendaz embodies KLARRA's belief in detail and versatility, allowing the lady to wear the playsuit for the dress down weekend and then jazz it up a notch for that dinner later by just throwing on the tulle skirt! 

The material used were boutique material, really only quality fabric was used in KLARRA's collection! 

Photo 20-1-15 9 31 38 pm
With Bren and Cindy! 

really took my time to browse through every rack. When I was going through the pieces, all I had in mind was; how much thoughts and hard work was put into these, from drawings and drawings to samples and the real piece I am looking at now. 

Photo 20-1-15 7 12 52 pm

Photo 20-1-15 6 59 40 pm

Photo 20-1-15 7 05 23 pm

Beautiful pieces x

Bea had a chat with me and she was tired after a long day and probably weeks and months to get this collection up. But as she spoke, I could see her eyes beaming in excitement as she shared about KLARRA to me. Hey look! She's our blooming local designer! 

Photo 20-1-15 7 04 23 pm

Dinner was generous as always at Stangers' Reunion. Ryan and Mervin always gave us so much food! We surely didn't expect a 10-course dinner till we were given the menu card! We were in for a treat// 2 Starters, 5 Mains and 3 desserts!!

Photo 20-1-15 7 41 25 pm

Started with Bren's and Cindy's hot chocolate. I didn't order any but hijacked theirs for photos :X

Photo 20-1-15 7 17 07 pm
The art is always so beautiful and very photo worthy. Ryan has a three-time Singapore Barista Champion under his belt!!! 

Photo 20-1-15 7 52 54 pm

Ryan, being hospitable as always, shared that they are breaking through their cafe staples with a new seasonal menu. We all know Strangers' Reunion is famous of its coffee, which is specially sourced and curated by three-time Singapore Barista Champion and co-founder Ryan himself. But now, we can also go to Strangers' Reunion for great food too!

Photo 20-1-15 7 55 46 pm
With Cindy who has such small face!!

We started dinner with the 2 starters that were refreshing. 

Photo 20-1-15 7 54 33 pm
Tuna Takaki Nicoise Salad 

Tuna Takaki Nicoise Salad with wasabi dressing, cherry tomato, potato pickles onions, petit salad and a poached egg! 

Photo 20-1-15 7 46 12 pm
Beetroot Salad 

Beetroot Salad with house dressing, smashed avocado, artichoke, red turnip, sundried tomatoes, fresh garden greens, pistachio nuts and croutons! 

Photo 20-1-15 8 34 32 pm
Beetroot Corn Fritters 

Beetroot Corn Fritters with za'atar spiced poached pear, arugula, tomato relish and a poached egg! 

Photo 20-1-15 8 03 23 pm
House Smoked Salmon Benedict

House Smoked Salmon Benedict with hazelnut bearnaise, feta, walnut crumble, petit salad and sultana bread. This was one of my favorite dishes! The salmon was so good!! Love the combination of runny yolk, bread and salmon! 

Photo 20-1-15 8 15 35 pm
Freshly Shaved Proscuitto Benedict

Freshly Shaved Proscuitto Benedict with Parmesan chips (yummy and unique!!), porobello mushroom, artichoke, sundried tomatoes, petit salad and country bread! 

Photo 20-1-15 8 25 13 pm
Ocean Trout On Hash. 

Another favorite was the Ocean Trout On Hash with bagna canda, petit salad and a poached egg! The Rosti was soooo good!! Ryan came to share that they make theirs real fresh unlike the premade ones! You can really taste the difference! The fish was really fresh too and literally melts in the mouth. Going back for this again! 

I remember by now, we were super full!! And we were waiting for our last main, Breakfast Steak, before everyone's long awaited desserts! 

Photo 20-1-15 8 44 40 pm
Breakfast Steak

Breakfast Steak with braised chickpea, confit wine tomatoes, apple fritter, petit salad and a sunny side-up! 

Dinner ended with not 1, not 2 but 3 desserts! We did not have to pick a favorite. We had it all, Panna Cotta, Hotcakes and Waffles! 

Photo 20-1-15 9 02 20 pm
Chocolate Panna Cotta

First up, was Chocolate Panna Cotta with mixed berry compote, salted dark chocolate sable, walnut-infused gold dust and salted caramel! I don't usually eat desserts but this is so good. It was not too sweet and chocolate was really rich. I love the salted dark chocolate sable, I think I secretly ate most of it. :X

Photo 20-1-15 9 18 42 pm
Berry Ricotta Hotcake

We also have Berry Ricotta Hotcake with fresh berries, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and vanilla bean ice cream! My second time digging into this masterpiece. I call it a masterpiece cause it's so darn beautiful! The colors, the decorations, the taste.

The Hotcake was served perfectly, it was warm and super fluffy, just the way hotcakes got to be! Again, super photo worthy. We took so many photos of this Berry Ricotta Hotcake!

Photo 20-1-15 9 14 47 pm
Took this shot to show you how huge it was!! 

Photo 20-1-15 9 13 11 pm

Photo 20-1-15 9 10 14 pm

Photo 20-1-15 9 46 11 pm
Banana Brûlée Buttermilk Waffle!

We had just a little more space for Strangers Reunion's signature buttermilk waffles! Banana Brûlée Buttermilk Waffle with walnut crunch and vanilla bean ice cream! I remember the first time that I visited Strangers Reunion, waffles were my first order and I fell in love with their waffles since then! 

Photo 20-1-15 9 42 51 pm

So happy to know that Strangers Reunion is always expanding their range of savory and sweet waffles, frequently bringing us new, yummy flavors! 

We ended the evening with group shots of KLARRA, Strangers Reunion and the bloggers!


Thanks Evon for the photos! The only 2 guys amongst us are from Strangers Reunion, Ryan Tan and Mervin Pang! 

KLARRA pop-up showcase will be at Strangers' Reunion from now till 17th March 2015! Head on down to have a feel of the beautiful collection and feast into Strangers' Reunion's new seasonal menu!! 

Thank you KLARRA and Strangers' Reunion for the lovely evening of good food and fashion! x 

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