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Kinsa Sushi

Photo 7-2-15 1 34 21 pm

Had always wanted to visit my fellow ex-Abacus colleague's Japanese cuisine venture. We have been talking since he opened his first Kinsa Sushi outlet years back at Ang Mo Kio and now, he has his second outlet at Hillview and finally we made plans to head over for a feast!!

It was nearing to cny then so 4byduex took the opportunity to head down for our cny lo hei at Kinsa Sushi as well!

Photo 7-2-15 12 21 57 pm
With Christine and the girls as we waited for the rest!

Photo 7-2-15 12 20 37 pm

Took a tour round the shop as well!!

Photo 7-2-15 12 18 46 pm

Shannon shared that the sushi conveyor that they use is actually magnetic so they don't run on the traditional belts! And the shop really lit up cause these conveyor are actually neon in colors! 

Photo 7-2-15 1 07 52 pm

Photo 7-2-15 1 06 48 pm

Shannon showing us their fish tank! So he shared that they bring in special fish every few days so customers are always in for a treat each time they visit. Expect different, fresh fish dependent on what the fishermen in Japan catch! 

Photo 7-2-15 1 05 55 pm

After a customer pick their fish, they can have it eaten any 2 ways! So the meat can be used for sashimi platter while the bones be made into a soup! And you only pay for the fish, no additional costs!

Photo 7-2-15 12 24 12 pm

Photo 7-2-15 2 33 52 pm
Our Lo Hei with a generous portion of salmon sashimi!!

Photo 7-2-15 2 42 40 pm

Photo 7-2-15 2 39 50 pm
Lo hei is always so much fun!!

Lunch then began with Foie Gras 

Photo 7-2-15 12 53 33 pm
Foie Gras Mizore Mushi ($6.80)

"Mizore" is a Japanese word that translates to snow and when you stir the soup lightly you'll find little White bits swirling around - like falling snow! This was so good!!! I love foie gras so this was perfect for me. Even more when the friends around you doesn't like foie gras, so you end up with even more! :D 

Photo 7-2-15 12 51 59 pm
Carrie checking me out? HAHA!

We all loved Kinsa's signature Wagyu Don ($24.80) so much! I would go back just for this affordable bowl of don which had a generous serving of A4 grade Wagyu, complete with an Onsen Tamago! This bowl would cost a few times more in other Japanese restaurants and the exact same grade used! 

Photo 7-2-15 12 51 48 pm

Photo 7-2-15 12 50 37 pm

Photo 7-2-15 1 32 23 pm
The hightlight of the lunch got to be these 2 sashimi platters!!

Photo 7-2-15 1 29 56 pm
Yellow back Sea Bream (S$32)

Photo 7-2-15 1 28 57 pm
Silver Crocker (S$30) 

Like Sheila, i only eat salmon sashimi, but it made the rest of our lunch kakis really happy! 

Photo 7-2-15 1 11 53 pm
So juicy and fresh!!!

Photo 7-2-15 2 19 34 pm
We had a 吉 sushi platter too!

Ended lunch with desserts!! We had mochi and vanilla ice cream which the kids enjoyed most!

Photo 7-2-15 2 45 00 pm


I have 5x $15 vouchers to share! 

To win, simply leave a comment below with your email address and comment who you would like to 
visit the restaurant with and why!!! Please also hop onto Kinsa Sushi's facebook page and like here to qualify! 

Photo 7-2-15 12 18 25 pm

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hui xin said...

Hi Zoe!

I would like to visit Kinsa with my boyf! As he has been down with a heavy work load, i hope to bring him there as good food has always been his source of comfort!

hope i have the opportunity to bring him there!

Thank you!

email add:

Germaine said...

Hi Zoe,

I am Germaine. I like reading your blogs. Happy Chinese New Year!

Anonymous said...

I would like to visit this place with my boyfriend to unwind and celebrate the end of our exams with good food! :)

Thanks and hope im the lucky one :)

Anonymous said...

I want to go with my boyfriend cause he stays at Glendale park which is literally just opposite HillV2 and we passed by the restaurant many times but haven't had the chance to go and try it out yet!

Unknown said...
I cant wait to try out this restaurant in my neighbourhood after reading your post! Gonna go with my boyfriend as we are both Wagyu lover<3

Mindy Tan said...

Hi, would love to visit this restaurant with my bf whose birthday falls on 26th of March! Trying to make him like japanese cuisine, which happens to be my favourite cuisine! Thank you!

Mindy Tan said...

Hello, would love to visit this restaurant with my bf, whose birthday falls on 26th of March. Trying to make him like japanese cuisine so here is why I am here :) Japanese food is one of my favourite cuisine.

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe! I would like to visit the restaurant with my bf because we are always on the hunt for new food places. Been to hillv2 once before to try a restaurant there and really like the chilled atmosphere of the open air concept of the mall! Would love another reason to return to hillv2 :)
Xo, Cheryl (

Unknown said...


I would like to visit the restaurant with my girlfriends because I've been there before with my boyfriend and the servers there are so cute! *my bf was death staring at me. hees. *

Nothing beats gorgeous environment w AWESOME FOOD + great companions!

Let's go wagyuing!

daphne said...

Love to try out this jap restaurant with my bestie as we are both makan kakis, email:

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

I would love to win the voucher from Kinsa as the food pictures appeal to my sister and myself. Most importantly i would likrle to win these to enjoy with my sister this delicious meal on a weekend.

Thank you
Liao Shiyu

KarMie's blog said...

Would love to bring my "ang moh" Indian American hubby n my CHINDIAN kids to eat sushi coz hubby claims to only eat sushi in Japan as it's the freshest n will be the kids first time eating sushi :)

Thank u for the lovely giveaway!

Joanne said...


My classmates are a big fan of Japanese cuisine and I hope to bring them there for a big feast at Kinsa one of these day as it is our poly holidays now! :D

minghui said...

i would love to have a meal with my family. ever though cny just past not long ago, i would still appreciate ever second i have to have a meal with my family.
Cheers (=

coldkohmew said...

My sisters as it's been awhile i had a dinner meetup with them


Athena said...

Hello Zoe!

I will really be so appreciative if i can win the vouchers so that i can bring my mummy to Kinsa Sushi because she is the greatest support of my life and i would love to treat her to this quality treat!
Thank you for sharing this delicious giveaway!

chuinyin(: said...

Hi Zoe!

I would like to win the vouchers and have a feast with my boyfriend at Kinsa Sushi because.. it's my birthday next week!

I love sashmi very much and sushi is my favourite food! Like you, I only eat Salmon sashimi so it will be a sorry night for the salmon! (:

Thank you Zoe!


Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

It will be great if i can win this voucher because i would love to bring my BF for a feast at this resturant since this is month of love for us as is our anniversary :) and we are definitely one of the sushi lover! :)


Email Add:

Zicheng said...

Hi Zoe,

I would like to bring my boyfriend along as we are celebrating our 8th year anniversary cum my birthday this month. It will be a perfect dinner date for the both of us! Thank you for the awesome giveaway. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi zoe! I'll like to bring my boyfriend to try out the highly raved wagyu don at this jap restaurant. He has never like ramen and only don. Thank you and hope to win this giveaway!!


jash said...

Sorry my email is

Anonymous said...

Hi. I would like to win these vouchers so that I can visit it with my family as it has been long since I brought my family out to dine.


Anonymous said...


I would like to win a voucher so that I can visit with my daughter and hubby! We are a couple of foodies with one in training! And eating is one of the main ways we bond :)

Thank you!


Unknown said...

Hi, i would like to win the voucher so that i can feast with my girlfriends( all jap food lovers including me!) To celebrate our graduation year as we dont have any prom night

Unknown said...
Ps: here is my email. Thanks!

Venus said...

Hi Zoe!

I would love to bring my boyfriend out to dine at Kinsa Sushi! I've heard tons of good reviews about this place and would love to visit it and try the dishes out for myself! The one dish I'm looking forward to trying would be the Wagyu Beef Bowl! My boyfriend loves meat and wagyu, hence it would be a good treat! At the same time, he just started work so I would like to be able to give him a nice treat as a celebration!

Thank you and I hope I get a chance to win! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi zoe! Chanced upon your blog while searching for reviews of this place.extra bonus now that you are doing a giveaway! Would love to bring my mum and sis who's a fervent fan of jap food and like you we love salmon too :) thank you and hope that I would win the vouchers


HuiTong said...

Hi Zoe,

I hope to win this voucher so as to allow my parents to have a try of japanese food as they have never tried sushi and raw fish before. Hope to win this! :)


sgrmse. said...


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I lived just 5 mins walk from Hillv2 and have been dying to try this neighborhood haunt!! Other than the wagyu bowl, the Kinda roll looks to die for! Can't wait to try.



Tysh said...

everyone in your family and friends is so pretty! i'm so jealous! XD

Anonymous said...

Am I too late for the giveaway?

I'd definitely be bringing my mom with me to check out the restaurant. That Waygu Don that you had looks really awesome by the way.

Have "Liked" Kinsa Sushi's facebook page :)

Have a great weekend!


Kelly said...

Hello! :)

I would love to go there with my other half! ^^ we both are sushi lovers and we are always on the hunt for good jap restaurants! :) would be awesome if we can get it! Thanks! :)


Y said...

Just because the boyf and I are on quest to put on some weight and look better than ever! The vouchers should come over to Mama over here!

Thank you.