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Sadhana Sanctuary

Dear friends and followers, I have today terminated my engagement with Sadhana Sanctuary. Although this is where I started my yoga journey and have many fonds memories, I will remember what I've been taught & continue my practice. 

I started out at Sadhana as a happy paying customer for slightly more than a year, following with an endorsement for a year and half now. 

I am deeply saddened to be leaving the school. I started my yoga journey there, from the very basics to the poses I can manage now. I will miss the cosy environment and most importantly the teachers who had taught me so much. From the teachers who left, Henry (my abs looked the best after his abs classes) and Hannah to Azmi's classes that helped me get into a split, Chinggay who gave me a stronger core and taught me to engage it, and Bhanu who was so strict on my alignment that I still remember him telling me off in one of our classes that he does not want to have to correct me again when I didn't do Warrior 2 pose well. Not forgetting Sandeep who was such a terror but it was also him who pushed me over my limits to improve and hey! I can do a proper push up now! Lastly, the newer teachers, Vivian, Jasmine and Susan who imparted their knowledge too. Every teacher taught me something different but just as beautiful.  

Till we meet again, my dear teachers and friends. 

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