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Delifrance with #4bydeux

Photo 25-1-15 2 53 44 pm

Paid Delifrance a visit last weekend with #4bydeux after yoga! We were there on a mission to try out the new croissants on board!! Délifrance enriches its top-selling butter croissant and wins Superior Taste Award 2013 in Brussels! The Heritage Croissant is the only food product in Singapore to receive three Golden Stars!!

I grew up eating Delifrance and so I was pretty excited!! Too bad that Sheila and JY had some delays at their shoot so they were not able to join us! ):

Photo 25-1-15 2 38 17 pm

We visited the UE Square outlet cause it was nearest to where we were for yoga! (:

Photo 25-1-15 3 25 43 pm
Me with my 4 croissants// to share of course hahaha!

Photo 25-1-15 3 22 10 pm
With QQ! (:

Each couple had 3 savory and 2 sweet croissants! We started with the plain one before we moved on to the 2 savory and ended with the 2 sweet ones!

Photo 25-1-15 3 18 43 pm
Almond Poulet

Photo 25-1-15 3 08 35 pm
Turkey Bacon and Chicken Ham

Alvin and I preferred this Turkey Bacon and Chicken Ham one while Mabs prefered the Almond Poulet. The Turkey Bacon and Chicken Ham was really tender! 

The kids loved the sweet croissants so much! 

Photo 25-1-15 3 13 13 pm
Cream Cheese with Strawberry Toppings

Photo 25-1-15 2 56 12 pm

I am not a fan of sweet stuff so I was afraid that it would be too sweet but it wasn't! the cream cheese was of great quality and it was not too sweet. Check out the huge generous strawberries! (:

Photo 25-1-15 3 03 07 pm
Hazelnut Chocolate with Almond Flakes

There's also a chocolate one for the chocolate fans out there! 

Photo 25-1-15 2 52 59 pm

Christine has Delifrance almost everyday and she could tell a vast difference between the old and the new Heritage Croissant!

The Heritage Croissant is made from top quality French ingredients such as finely milled premium wheat flour which contains higher dietary fibre and several vitamins including Vitamins B1, B3 and B5! Other ingredients include fresh butter from Brittany, a renowned butter-producing region in France and certified Label Rouge eggs, which are laid by hens reared on 100% plant-based feed, minerals and vitamins including 50% minimum cereals with no artificial coloring! 

These fine ingredients ensure that every Heritage Croissant packs a delicate flavour and fragrance that is quintessentially French. Tempt your taste buds with this croissant that is full of authentic, traditional goodness and contains no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fats!! 

Besides the croissants, we had Delifrance's signature fruit tarts too!! (:

Photo 25-1-15 2 47 38 pm

From now till 28 February 2015, Delifrance is holding a promotion for their Plain Heritage Croissant and each is priced at $2.50 only! Go grab one today! (:

Photo 25-1-15 3 12 14 pm

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Tysh said...

So... I just had my lunch and your post is giving me some hungry feelings again... how is that possible?