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Back in Hong Kong!

Last post for the Hong Kong trip last year hahaha! :D

Back in Hong Kong for the rest of the afternoon! Headed to get Mabs, Chris and Sheila some Jenny Cookies. The staff there was so rude and each person can only buy 3 tins.

Photo 30-11-14 8 31 01 pm

I was told off for trying tot take a photo of the shop for the girls. Super thankful there wasn't any queue! The cookies were really yummy! My Ah Gong polished the tin in a few days! Please get some when you visit!! (:

We stopped for a break at a random dessert shop that sells bird's nest.

Photo 29-11-14 4 08 28 pm
I was really tired haha! :D

Photo 29-11-14 4 08 03 pm

Photo 29-11-14 4 07 43 pm

And look who we saw doing a publicity event!!!! Him Law!!!! Super cute, and he's really skinny in real! 

Photo 29-11-14 3 40 06 pm

Photo 29-11-14 3 39 17 pm

Photo 29-11-14 3 39 06 pm
Cuteee :X

We went back to the hotel for some rest before walking to a chinese restaurant nearby for some seafood dinner! 

Photo 29-11-14 8 22 23 pm

Dinner was alright. The crabs were crazy expensive, we paid almost S$150 for this I think?

Started the last day really early cause I had to have breakfast at Australia Dairy Co.! The last time I was there, I didn't get to eat! 

Photo 30-11-14 8 02 36 am

We were there pretty early so there wasn't a queue! But after we were done, the queue started to form! Lucky! :D 

Photo 30-11-14 9 23 34 am

The morning set was priced at HKD$28! It consisted of a buttered toast, scrambled eggs or sunny side ups, macaroni soup with ham and coffee or tea! I loveeee their scrambled eggs, do remember to choose that over sunny side ups! (:

This was the queue that was outside when we finished! So remember to be there early and not on Thursdays as they are closed. 

Photo 30-11-14 8 00 56 am

Photo 30-11-14 8 00 42 am

Australia Dairy Co.
G/F, 47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong (MTR Jordan Exit C2)
Opening Hours: 7:30am – 11:00pm 
Closed on Thursdays

Photo 30-11-14 9 12 40 am

Went back to rest and began the afternoon with some selfies before heading out! :D

Photo 30-11-14 9 49 46 am

Photo 30-11-14 9 49 39 am

Photo 30-11-14 10 01 05 am

Photo 30-11-14 10 01 01 am

Photo 30-11-14 10 00 43 am

Outfit was Hollyhoque Wintry Muse Knit Top and skirt! Photo while waiting for the ding ding tram to come! These few shots were also our last few hours in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong really took pride in their Christmas decorations, every year when we were there for Christmas, we always see different themes! Last photo was with the pretty Christmas globe!

Photo 30-11-14 10 12 30 am

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Tysh said...

those toasted bread pieces... i would eat them with butter hummmm >_<