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Lost SG


So Sheila, I and the boys headed to Lost SG last weekend right after I was back from cruise! We were supposed to head there much earlier but unfortunately, our timings couldn’t match. So we were very happy that we were finally there!! 



Sheila and I taking a shot before we started! Real escape games were first introduced to Hong Kong back in 2006,


Before we started Castiglione, we were played a short clip on what the game is about and briefly what to expect. We started with Castiglione! It was our first time playing a real escape games, so we were lost for awhile and needed some help from the staff. We were given an hour but we exceeded and still needed help. Anytime we needed help, there was an intercom or exit door! We felt lousy! :P


We had to find out how to unlock this box!

I can't share much photos or the mysteries with you cause I will be spoiling the fun! But here are just a few shots which the kind people allowed us to take! One thing I have to share!! Initially ,we had thought there were people watching us and activating all the doors and locks but it was not! Everything at Lost SG is automated! The doors actually open by themselves after you solve the mysteries!! Omggggg I felt like I was in a action movie! 

After Castiglione, we couldn't call it a day. We had to give another game a go cause we did so badly at the first! We were recommended to Lsometrick where it was filled with rubric cubes and our aim was to solve some super difficult tasks to find the missing professor! Some of the tasks and very little clues and based on a sentence, we had to solve the puzzle!




If you love puzzles, you would love Isometrick! I have to bring my sister, Zonia, there! She loves and is super good at such games!! 


We ended the evening with these few shots. The cards we held very much said how we felt. Hahaha! Anyway, we really had a lot of fun solving the mysteries. I would highly recommend Lost SG for team bonding activities because at Lost SG you can only complete the games as a team!


Besides Castiglione and Lsometrick, there are 3 other games available!


They are Aokigahara, Exodus and Alcatraz! Definitely going back with more friends to play the other 3 games the next time round!! (:
There are different pricings for the off-peak and peak hours at Lost SG! At off-peaks, you can play at just S$20.90 while at peak, it’s S$26.90! To make sure everyone gets to play at peak hours which is Monday to Friday, 6pm-11pm and whole of Saturday and Sunday, players may mix with other groups but there’s also an option to pay for 7 pax to book the whole game!

The kind people at Lost SG has offered to giveaway a trip to Lost SG to 1 lucky follower and 5 friends!! All you need to do is like this photo, follow @lostsg, comment on this picture on my instagram post, tag the 5 friends you want to bring along to Lost SG and why!! 

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