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Day at Cheung Chau

My favorite part of this trip got to be the day trip to Cheung Chau! I have seen so much about Cheung Chau on TVB dramas and just had to go there to see it for myself. Travelling to Hong Kong has always been shopping and eating at the bustling city. Time to take things slower and visit Cheung Chau. a small island 10 km southwest of Hong Kong Island.

We headed to the jetty to take the boat to Cheung Chau.

Photo 29-11-14 8 55 36 am

Waiting for the jetty! 

Photo 29-11-14 8 55 43 am

And on the jetty ride...

Photo 29-11-14 9 00 37 am

Photo 29-11-14 9 45 35 am
I am always this crazy :X

Photo 29-11-14 9 41 00 am
Then I go pose-y for nicer photos lolol

Photo 29-11-14 9 38 51 am
I take good shots too :D

Photo 29-11-14 9 34 18 am
Wearing Zonia's Onitsuka Tiger shoes from Japan! Too big but too nice, had to wear too! :X

Photo 29-11-14 9 33 34 am

Photo 29-11-14 9 25 06 am

Arrived at Cheung Chau!! 

Photo 29-11-14 10 03 22 am

I threw on Hollyhoque Starry Night Knit Top cause it was a little breezy!

Photo 29-11-14 10 08 33 am
yoga everywhere :D

Photo 29-11-14 10 07 52 am

We walked for about an hour to venture the island! (:

Photo 29-11-14 10 55 59 am

Took a yoga shot of Tree Pose at the Cheung Po Tsai Cave, a hiding place of an infamous 19th century pirates!

Photo 29-11-14 10 55 51 am

Photos at the pavilion at Tin Hau Temple at Sai Wan where the people of Cheung Chau continue to worship the Goddess of the Sea.

Photo 29-11-14 10 45 19 am

Photo 29-11-14 10 45 19 am

Love the view x

Photo 29-11-14 10 39 32 am

Photo 29-11-14 10 38 45 am

We hopped onto a boat to head back to the shopping/food streets! It was just us and a few others so I went to the front of the boat to take some photos :D

Photo 29-11-14 11 09 46 am

Photo 29-11-14 11 09 27 am

Photo 29-11-14 11 09 18 am

We had a rest at Rainbow Cafe. Ordered Ribena with Lemon and a sandwich to share! The sandwich was so good, love the combination of ham, cheese and grilled pineapples!!

Photo 29-11-14 11 57 22 am

And had very yummy and huge curry fish balls!!

Photo 29-11-14 11 29 02 am

We setted lunch at Cheung Chau Seafood Street!

Being at the jetty, the seafood is so fresh!

Look at how succulent the prawn is! (:

Photo 29-11-14 12 43 12 pm

Our meal only cost S$40! We had fish, scallops and prawns! The kinds that would usually cost a bomb in Singapore :X

We headed back to Hong Kong for the rest of our day!

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Tysh said...

very sexy pictures, those with the glasses ^^ my favourite