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Zyan calls me Gan Ma!!

Photo 8-4-14 5 33 09 pm

Today is a day to remember! Because Zyan called me Gan Ma (Godmama) and he could distinguish me as his Gan Ma! Okay la, honest a bit. There was only Jing and I. So 1 is Mama and the other must be... Nevertheless, it made me soooo happy!! Grinning ear to ear*

Photo 8-4-14 3 49 26 pm

The boy was having his nap when I reached his place so I helped Jing pack her luggage for Japan! I miss Japan too. We had fun pairing her 6 outfits for Japan! Though I hate the cold, I love dressing up in coats and boots! Europe, come sooner!! :)

Sleeping soundly...

Rocking Zyan in his hammock!

My dress for the day had a sexy back! :P

Sleepy baby

Zyan woke up a happy boy every time he has enough rest. Immediately after he got up, he walked to his toys. Eyes haven't fully open wanna play already???


And tons of pictures of me playing with Zyan!

Photo 8-4-14 5 27 02 pm

Photo 8-4-14 5 27 21 pm

Photo 8-4-14 5 30 13 pm

Photo 8-4-14 5 29 35 pm

Photo 8-4-14 5 28 42 pm
forcing a kiss hahaha!

Photo 8-4-14 5 28 07 pm

And he sees his mama's boots lying at a corner.. he took it and wanted to wear them!! 

Photo 8-4-14 5 31 32 pm

Photo 8-4-14 5 32 18 pm

Photo 8-4-14 5 30 45 pm
So happy in them!!

He wore the boots and ran around the house!! Just months ago, he was just learning to walk! Now he can run in oversized shoes!! He loved the boots so much that he made a fuss when I took them off!!

And a few last shots with him before I went home. Pasir Ris to Redhill.. No joke. But anything for my Godson! :D

Photo 8-4-14 4 49 38 pm

Photo 8-4-14 4 51 35 pm
Give Gan Ma a hug!

And some shots of my hot red OOTD for the day which Daddy helped take this morning!! (:

Photo 7-4-14 7 57 55 am

Photo 7-4-14 7 56 42 am

Ztyle of The Day
Fishtail Bareback Dress in Red: Loef
Promo: Quote THANKYOUZOE for a 10% off all orders. Valid till 15th April 2014.
Belt: Tangs
Bag: Miu Miu
Shoes: Vivo

I love red dresses so much! I like how this fishtail dress is classy yet not overly formal and so I can wear them for a usual shopping day out or an event. The dress spots a sexy back which you would really adore as much as I do! (: 

Photo 7-4-14 7 59 04 am


Photo 9-3-14 3 38 12 pm

Zonia joined me at this week's launch!! This launch spots a lot of pretty pastel dresses for work and play! Zonia is a true M, UK10 so if you are around her build, you will be able to cart out quite a few pieces today! (:


This is one of the dresses that fitted Zonia like a glove! She looks so dainty in this piece, doesn't she? These 2 shots very well shows how this dress looks on a UK10 (M) and a UK6 (S)! (:

The printed dresses come with a cute bow tie!

The sparrow printed dress on Zonia is one of my favorites! Love the prints and the tiffany blue shade! And more pastel pieces awaiting you!! 


Photo 9-3-14 3 54 53 pm is extending a 10% off when you quote Zoe10 at check out! (:

Photo 29-3-14 12 30 57 pm

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