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Groupon Glamour Rush!

Advertorial: Everyone knows Groupon! I don't think they need much introduction. Launching Groupon's app on my way to work every morning has become a norm. They have so many deals, I've been a return customer ever since they came into town in May 2010! Besides travel, electronics, fashion, Groupon offers a wide variety of exclusive discounted beauty deals!


This 24 – 30 March, Groupon is having their GLAMOUR RUSH Promo, offering $10 rebates for every $80 you spend on beauty deals (Combined purchases are allowed, limit to one redemption per Groupon account)!

One of the deals in available in GLAMOUR RUSH Promo is a Wash, Color and Treatment at Monsoon! I visited the JCube branch, which is Monsoon's newest outlet! 

Choosing the color!!

Photo 26-3-14 7 18 22 pm
So my hair was said to be too dry and this treatment will be handy! :X

But first up, it's a fresh coat of color for me!


I chose 7.1 because I work in a corporate line and I can't take too light colors.

And while the color is taking effect... I munch away! :D :D

Photo 26-3-14 7 17 43 pm

Photo 26-3-14 7 16 40 pm

Photo 26-3-14 7 17 09 pm
Yummy Milo energy bar! :P

After washing off the dye, it's time for a good coat of hair treatment. The treatment used has protein nutrients which would help strengthen and soften hair! Exactly what I need after my last visit to Von's in January :P

Photo 26-3-14 8 13 16 pm
Steaming in process!

Photo 26-3-14 8 14 34 pm

And after 1.5 hours... my hair is 1 last step to complete! Though I wasn't going anywhere after doing my hair, he nicely blow dry my hair and gave me some loose curls! :D

Photo 26-3-14 7 13 22 pm

Photo 26-3-14 7 12 21 pm
Took a shot of my natural hair right after the treatment and color!

I've awfully straight hair and after the treatment, it made it look even straighter but silkier and soft! (:

Photo 26-3-14 7 09 10 pm
Tadah!! (:

Photo 26-3-14 8 15 50 pm
Always a fan of curls!!

So people, please take advantage of Glamour Rush which is only running for a week!! 

glamour rushSMALLbanner-01white

Groupon has lined up over 200 premium merchants such as LifeSpa, PINC, ONLY Aesthetics and Bioskin!


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Hello Zoe, no more Von?

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Can I know u using what camera??