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Capella Knolls.

Photo 21-3-14 9 27 36 pm

Ended last week with a good dinner at Capella! It was restaurant week and the boy booked us a table at Knolls! If you follow me on Dayre, I'm finally more active there and dayred about it there already! Please follow me there if you have not! :P 

Outfit of Friday was Accent of Adorable Dress from Hollyhoque! It comes in pink, peppermint and white as well! (:

Photo 21-3-14 9 29 42 pm
The dress gave me a slimmer waist imo :P



Photo 21-3-14 9 30 31 pm

Love bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil!

The cheese breads were soo good that I had to ask for another serving! :P

Photo 21-3-14 9 33 13 pm

Photo 21-3-14 9 31 02 pm
Another big ass shot! :D

Photo 21-3-14 9 31 25 pm
Tomato Tartare; Coriander with parma ham (favorite!)

This appetizer was really refreshing! I don't usually like my tomatoes, but I would eat my tomatoes if they tasted like these always! 

Photo 21-3-14 9 32 36 pm
Braised Short Ribs; crispy polenta, parmigiano and beef jus.

Our first time tasting crispy polenta (the yellow triangle cakes) which wasn't exactly crispy. It's actually made of cornmeal and very soft like cake. Didn't really like the texture and taste so we didn't finish it. But the ribs were so good! They look so small but it was so filling that I could only manage half. Sad to waste good food but my tummy couldn't manage more argh.

Photo 21-3-14 9 33 42 pm

Restaurant week's menu was 3-course, dinner ended with Blueberry Tiramisu that looked so pretty. Hmm, I still prefer my tiramisu it's original way, coughing over cocoa powder haha! 

Photo 21-3-14 9 34 18 pm

Had wanted to order a pasta, a foie gras to share cause 3-course sounded so little. Glad I didn't or I would have wasted more food. 

Capella Singapore
1 The Knolls, Sentosa
Tel: 65915046

Took a few shots earlier in the day at the office cause I love the Accent of Adorable Dress too much! HAHA! 

Photo 21-3-14 9 32 36 am

Photo 21-3-14 9 31 54 am

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