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Bright Day Ahead!

Photo 9-3-14 3 42 16 pm

Had a shoot with my sister for and here's some of my favorites from the collection I modeled for. Zonia's collection would be up soon!! (:

The last launch was tees and this launch is another comfy but dressy tops! This lilac layered top is my favorite of all!

Photo 9-3-14 3 42 21 pm

The top also comes in pastel blue. Love the really thin straps that is similar to Zara's spaghetti tops but this at a fraction of the price of Zara's of course!

Photo 9-3-14 3 23 54 pm

Wore the top with a pair of jeans to show how easily you can wear it! (:

Photo 9-3-14 3 23 52 pm

Photo 9-3-14 3 10 20 pm
Another pastel top which you can wear on weekends and for work too!

Photo 9-3-14 3 44 19 pm
Peplum tops!

Photo 9-3-14 3 34 24 pm

You would be happy to hear that the accessories featured are also up for sale! If you fancy anything at, do remember to quote Zoe10 for a 10% off your shopping cart! (:

Another outfit I wore over the weekend very worth mentioning! :D

Photo 23-3-14 4 55 18 pm
New Paul Frank shades which I will share soon! (:

Was looking into my accessories drawers and so happy to pull out bracelets that were in the exact colors of the top! Bright Day Ahead Tube Top from Hollyhoque's latest launch!! When I saw the preview, I knew I needed a piece too. I love tubes and such color dyed colors reminded me of the sea and Ariel! (:

Photo 23-3-14 5 02 13 pm

Photo 23-3-14 4 57 52 pm

Since the top is called Bright Day Ahead, must wear shades also right? :P

Photo 23-3-14 5 03 10 pm
Prettiest colors right? :D :D

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