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Weekend is over!

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FIRST POST with my new hair!!! I am now in the Bangs Club!! Blog about it soon! Thanks Von for encouraging me to have a new fringe, finally!!

Hi blues, we meet again. The weekend is over again and bummed that it always passes so quickly! Every Monday morning, I would wish that I slept earlier when I could over the weekend. But every weekend, my body clock would alarm me to get up at 8am and I would get off bed and embrace my weekend.

It's been a weekly regime now to wake up for 2 hours of yoga practice on each day! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!! Because I could do low plank (Guy's down push-up) yesterday! It was totally accidentally. As I was entering the pose, I was still mouthing shit! I still can't plank and whining how that was my goal. And Tadah! I was in low plank!!! I caught myself my surprise, super happy!! My arms are officially stronger after 3 months of active yoga practice!! What should my next self-challenge be?


Anyway, it was close to 3pm after yoga on Sunday and famished for lunch!! Drove over to Bukit Timah with Yong Tao Fu in mind (the super famous one where they fry the stuff and you eat with thick bee hoon!!). But the stall is no longer there )): Settled at Five Star Kampong Chicken Rice for lunch. 


Been quite awhile since I had chicken rice. Remember how I frequent eat then cause it's the easiest, fastest at any food centre! But it's also super unhealthy and probably need 3 hours of exercise to shed the calories off! But, we should all have a cheat day right? 


Ordered some white Chicken thigh (my favorite part of a chicken which I would always request for), Banana Leaves with Garlic, Pork Ribs!




They also serve desserts so there's my favorite Longan Almond Jelly! Real cheap stuff but at S$3.50 a bowl at Bukit Timah! ): 


Chicken was shiokness! Portion was reasonable as well. and the bill was S$33.30, super nice numbers haha! I love to eat my desserts with my meal!! :D





OOTD shot at a random store front near the carpark. Really old school, love the vintage touch! 


And a few more shots in my new work dress that everyone should get for work! 

Ztyle of The Day 
Diondre Classic Work Dress: Eternity Loft
Promo: Quote Zoe2 for 10% off + S$2 off for S$50 spending. 
Bag: LV

In love with this classic work dress. The dress is really stretchy and comfortable to be in. Worn and tested that it does not ride up when you walk! Very important for bodycon dresses right ladies? (: Comes in 2 other colors with deep plum being my absolute favorite because black is too mainstream.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, can i know where you get the nude heels from? Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think your hair doesnt really suit you. You look a little too old for bangs. Or maybe it's just your face shape. No offence! I think you look prettier with your previous hair.

Mavis said...

Hi! I asked u this before but u did not reply. May I know which yoga studio do u learn yoga at? Thanks!