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Karaoke with the Lapsup girls!

Met up with the girls for Karaoke after work last week! Hayley recommended Teo Heng at NTU Alumni Campus at Bouna Vista. It's a 10 minutes walk from Bouna Vista MRT. All of us live in the West area so it's pretty convenient for us!! (:

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Our cute lapsup meimei Peishi!!

Hayley and Peishi started first and I went to join them! First few shots without Rachell who was late. The girl just woke up at 4pm!! So lucky!! 

With Hayley!! (:


Rachell brought us her homemade birthday cake which was super good!! It's not too sweet and it's really yummy. I don't usually eat cakes but I ate hers and I like it. She should totally make a business out of her baking passion! We had to take more photos with it because it's so pretty!!

The photos of us with the rainbow cake look so happy and vibrant! (:


Thanks Rachell!! We are waiting for more of your bakes! We were missing Jayley who had filming and training that evening and couldn't join us.



Teo Heng is super cheap! They have a few outlets in Singapore and we only paid S$22 for 3 hours. Not for 1 person but for all 4 of us!! You can also bring your own food and drinks cause they do not serve any!! Shiokness!!!



We walked and camwhored all the way to Star Vista for dinner. We had wanted to have Japanese food but all Jap restaurants were fully packed! Settled for second best, Peishi wanted to eat Taiwanese food. 


Mee Sua!! I love mee sua with oysters but this came with meat balls and intestines! ):

Ru Rou Fan!!!

For the 4 girls!!

We left feeling super happy but didn't sing enough!! Can't wait for the next session with Jayley too! The girls all sing really well! We have a group chat over Whatsapp and it's filled with audio messages with our singing! haha! Till next time, lapsupgirls!

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A few shots of my OOTD!! :D Essential Cape Sleeves Dress from Hollyhoque's latest collection! Got to love the unique sleeves and it comes in black and peach too! Yellow is my favorite cause it's a happy color!! 



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