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Marie France Bodyline


Marie France Bodyline is a prestigious slimming and beauty company I know since I was growing up. With their beautiful ambassadors, I always awe at their gorgeous looks and voluptuous figures plastered on every marketing medium!


Very honored to be able to give their renowned treatment a try just 2 weeks ago at their slimming centre at Orchard, International Building. As I walk through the doors, I was greeted by soothing music, relaxed ambience through the dimmed lights and of course, cheerful receptionists. I knew just then, I was in for a treat! 


I was given a cup of water with a hot towel, served on a tray which was very thoughtfully decorated. I was also given a brochure to look through while the consultant came for me. 



Iris attended to me, she guided me to one of their many consultation rooms and asked me some simple mandatory questions before asking me where the trouble areas of my body are. 

I told her that my tummy was my main concern and I have been recently just taken up yoga to burn stubborn fats. She agreed with me when I said that growing old is a pain in the ass because that's when metabolism slows down and weight gain was easy. Iris went on to measure my height, weight and also the waist. She wrote them down on a personal profile file so to monitor each guest's progress. 

Iris then went through the Marie France brochure which was given earlier by the receptionist and shared with me the treatment that she recommends and the benefits of the treatments. I will be doing a 4 steps treatment with Intelect Spot Shaping Treatment and Contour Sculpt Body Wrap Treatment for my love handles. The steps are as follows!

  1. Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
  2. Fat Mobilisation System Body Wrap
  3. Ultrasound Fat Breaking 
  4. Proprietary plant and mineral blend Body Wrap
all ready!!

I was led by the therapist deeper into the big treatment room and given a robe to change into. Each guest is given a room with a locker to relax and read magazines while the therapist prepared the treatment room and materials needed. 


1. Lymphatic Drainage Treatment

As shared earlier, the treatment started with a very therapeutic massage with application of essential oil on my shoulders, back and limps. I fell asleep for this good 30 minutes. The benefits of lymphatic massage are abundant. Here are some of the benefits I wish to highlight!
  • Against cellulite
  • Swollen, heavy and edematose feet
  • Pregnancy and PMS syndrome
  • Scars
  • Acne and couperisis
  • Surgery

2. Ultrasound Fat Breaking

Step 2 was COLD! It really woke me up! A later of cold Ultrasound Gel and Anti-Cellulite Serum was applied on each side of the tummy. After each side is applied with gel, the therapist would use an ultrasound device to roll over for a good 9 minutes. She would slap on more gel whenever the gel has been fully absorbed. The therapist then continues the same action for another 9 minutes on the other side. The ultrasound application is only at the sides and avoided against the womb.

3. Fat Mobilisation System Body Wrap

Step 3 was COLD too! I was told to stand up and a super cold gel was slapped onto my tummy and wrapped tightly with thick wrap. Oh boy! I am really bad when it comes to cold stuff. Without Marie France, I didn't know we could burn fats with cold. I have always thought hot and perspiring would burn fats. Between hot and cold slimming ways, definitely cold therapy would be an easier option to choose!! :D


The wrap went on for about 20 minutes. It was explained earlier to me by Iris that cold treatments like this at Marie France forces the body to expel more heat to diff the cold. With the body expelling more heat, it actually burns the fats! Amazing stuff right!!

4. Application of proprietary plant and mineral blend on selected parts of the body.

Spa treatment
Here's how it looked!!

The last step which is Contour Sculpt Body Wrap Treatment was more flexible, especially for busy women nowadays. If you are in a rush to leave the slimming centre, the therapist would be able to wrap it firmly with clear wrap (which is a different kind of wrap from the Fat Mobilisation System Body Wrap) and you remove it yourself 30 minutes later. However, I was reminded by the therapist to maintain light physical motion to increase circulation and enhance results!


Marie France Bodyline's signature proprietary blend actives are made up of 8 plant and mineral extracts.


Just to cover a few of these Signature Proprietary Blend Actives and its wonders.

Paullinia  Cupana: Its high caffeine content and stimulating properties make Paullinia cupana particularly effective in weight-loss programs as it helps increase the metabolic rate and improves thermogenesis. Studies have shown that Paullinia cupana positively affects lipid metabolism, enhances weight loss, and increases basal energy expenditure.

Horsetail: Constitutes one of the most diuretic species in all the plants. It possesses a great capacity to eliminate water from the body; in such a point to increase urination up to 30% more than what is habitual.

Arctium Lappa Root Extract: One of the benefits attributed to burdock root is its ability to cleanse the body. It offers a stimulating effect on the excretory systems, helping them rid the body of toxins.


Palaria Palmata Extract: The seaweed has also been demonstrated to inhibit the growth of lipid (fat) cells. It also inhibits melanin synthesis, limits melanosome transportation and UV-induced pigmentation to brighten skin complexion.


The firm insulation of targeted treatment areas is to reduce, lift and tone. The compression of the wrap also helps rid the body of impurities and fatty acids through lymphatic drainage.

This is just a few of the awards awarded to Marie France!!


Me feeling really satisfied after my treatment! 


In a nutshell, the experience was great! I've always thought that I have to be a tai tai to visit Marie France Bodyline. But, I was wrong and glad I found out now! You have to give these treatments a try and bid goodbye to stubborn fats! I left the parlour feeling recharged and skin feeling firmer even after just this 2.5 hours session. I can't wait to go back for more sessions!! It's a very comfortable place to relax and be pampered at and at the same time, at a pocket friendly price tag!

Marie France has very generously extended 2 promotions for my readers who are interested in shedding off some fats! For first time customers, you can get the treatments I have shared in this post at more than 75% off!!! 

1. Intelect Spot Shaping Treatment


Promo: 20 sessions at $450 (Usual Price $2,000)
5 sessions Ultrasound Fat Breaking Treatment
5 sessions Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
5 sessions Intense Trim Serum Therapy
5 sessions Fat Mobilisation Body Wrap
+ Unlimited Personalised Nutritionist Sessions + Complimentary Body Fat Analysis

2. Contour Sculpt Body System

Promo: 15 sessions at $375 (Usual Price $1,390) 
5 sessions Accelerated Fat Reduction Machine Therapy 
5 sessions Contour Sculpt Body Mask Treatment 
5 sessions Body Wrap Insulation 
+ Unlimited Personalised Nutritionist Sessions + Complimentary Body Fat Analysis

Terms and Conditions: 
• Offer valid for 1 month from 31 August 2013. • Offer print out and valid ID must presented • Each offer may only be redeemed once. • Valid for first time customers 18 years and above. • Offer is not transferable and cannot be redeemed with other promotions or vouchers. 
• Appointment required, call 1800-7777-111.


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