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Sometime last month, Sheila and I were invited to Bangkok, Thailand, for a 4D3N stay by Chan Brothers and Thailand Tourism Board for Young Explorers' Bloggers Project! After we loaded our luggage at Baiyoke Suite Hotel, we were determined to have lunch QUICK! The 1.5 hours taxi jam was no joke, we were famished and Sheila was raving about this Wanton Mee stall that we have to go to- made me hungrier! 

The Wanton Mee stall was just a stone throw away from the hotel we were residing at. Yay!!! 


Sheila and I ordered a bowl of wanton Mee dry each and a bowl of wanton soup to share. I really love the wanton Mee. It's super delicious and smooth, the noodles were Q and portion was just good for a lady. The other reason why the noodles taste so good it's because of pork lard. So unhealthy and sinful, but so good! 

Good food at cheap prices; only at Bangkok. We paid only 50 baht (S$2?!) per bowl!! 

Front of Soi Phetchaburi 15
Pratunam, Bangkok 
Nearest BTS Chitlom or Siam
Location as per Google Maps

We moved on to some shopping at the roadsides of Pratunam. Came across this 1 stall that sold colorful shirts for kids. Immediately picked up a few for my godson! 


The shirts were a mere 150 baht each! That's like S$6!! (: 

As this is a roadside stall, it does not have a name. But it's located directly opposite Platinum Mall, pretty near to an overhead bridge! (: 

We conveniently took the overhead bridge over to Platinum Mall for more shopping! That's what you do in bangkok, you eat and shop till you drop!

With my bff partner (: 

Liz's tied us up with a few of her Thai friends and they were very kind to take us out for dinner! Bowling picked us up at our hotel and drove us to a seafood restaurant which is very popular amongst the locals. 

Khrua Nai Baan means Kitchen in a home. 


We ordered hell a lot of food for 5 ladies! Bowling wanted us to try this and that and Sheila too, wanted this and that. We ended up with 9 main dishes!! 

Fried rice with so much eggs and prawns

This plate reminded me a lot of Din Tai Fung's but more eggy and fragrant. 

Broccoli with scallops. 

I was shocked to see that this plate ont
cost S$8!! Where in Singapore can you find big fat scallops for this price? There was at least 10 scallops in that plate! 

Morning Glory- Kang Kong with sambal 

Curry crabs!!

We were on a missin to try every curry crab in Bangkok haha! 

Tomyum goong with big fat prawns!! 

This got to be my first having tomyum soup with so generous a portion of big prawns! 


Fried fish with Assam gravy

Thai fish cakes

We ordered so much!! 

Now I have to tell you how much our meal cost..... We paid 3000 baht for 9 dishes! That is S$120!!! Sheila and I were shocked to hear how cheap it was, considering we ordered so much seafood.  


Thank you Bowling and Jen for taking us to this place for dinner. We would have never dined there without you! (: 

Day 2


Day 2 started with Crepes for breakfast at Platinum Mall. 

Ham and cheese crepe! 

Princess Sheila overspent so we were at Currency Exchange just outside Platinum Mall to get more money. 

This money changer allows you to get money from your VISA card and charge you no transaction fee! This was the only money changer we came across that offered this wonderful service.


Flagged a cab and headed for Chinatown! Bowling recommended us to visit Chinatown for cheap accessories!

Pretty partner!




We got so many accessories and we didn't even finish walking the shops! Besides accessories, we bought pens too hahaha! 

Stalls of Pens!! 

75 Baht for 10 pens only!! 

Zonia and I love buying pens from bangkok because the ink is super nice and the tips are very thin! 

Lunch for Day 2 was at Roast. Roast is located at Thong Lor Soi 13 which is about 10 minutes walk from BTS Thong Lo. We were actually at this district because we wanted to go to Mr. Jones' Orphanage for pretty cakes. 


Melody recommended us to Roast for lunch and with her help over Whatsapp, ordering food was a breeze! (: 




Clam Chowder 

Wagyu beef with bacon and cheese!!



Duck Confitti

2/F, Seenspace, Thonglor Soi 13
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: 02-185-2866 

We ordered 2 soups and 2 mains and so very full! Our lunch cost us 1500 Baht!! But we had to stick to our plan to have cakes at Mr. Jones' Orphanage just downstairs. 

Be awed!! 

A cake shrine!!! 

Red Velvet and Cookies n Cream cupcakes! 

M & M chocolates chocolate cake! 

Cookies and cream cake! 

We could only manage 1 cake so we ordered a red velvet one to share. 

So pretty! (: 

Took out my new buy to camwhore!

I got this Bear hat for Tokyo!!

This place is perfect for nice pictures. It has children themed decorations. There are soft toys and books on the seats and I feel instantly like a child again (: The cakes there were pretty reasonable. We paid 130 Baht for the slice of Red Velvet cake. That is about S$6. 

Mr. Jones' Orphanage
1/F Seenspace
Thong Lor Soi 13 Bangkok, Thailand 

We didn't just take cabs, we also made use of Bangkok's convenient train services, BTS. 

Me getting some muscles from Sheila's loots lol!


Back at the hotel for a rest before going to Somboon Seafood for dinner. Yea, more seafood. Everyday we had seafood. 

We took awhile to direct the taxi drivers to bring us here. There are a lot of fake Somboon seafood restaurants in Bangkok so do make sure that they bring you to the right one!! 


So packed! 

I think we were lucky to get a table without making a reservation. 

Me eyeing for more curry crabs!

We ordered this for every meal we had cause Princess Sheila loves it- Morninf glory.

La la with those special spices, 1 plate wasn't enough! 

Curry Crab!! 

The curry crab was fried with eggs so very creamy and filling on its own. We wouldn't waste our stomach space on rice so we only ordered dishes to share.

Tomyum goong again- and for every meal in BKK! Lol! 

We had the privilege of Liz's friend, Gui Gui, take us out after dinner. Gui Gui studied in Singspore for many years so he would always use Singapore as an example for us to understand Bangkok better! (: 

Gui Gui drove us to Rod Fai night market. Rod Fai sells alot of clothes and there's a section of Vintage stuff! 
Cheap, unlicensed contact lens stall

Pretty cute little hair bows!!

A stall selling dog clothes had a LIVE model!!! :D

With Gui Gui! 

Our day ended at the hotel with packed wanton Mee. It's our first having roadside stall food at Rod Fai but Gui Gui insisted we try as its very good! 


Only 40 Baht per serving! That's 2X wanton mee in Bangkok already! Off to zzz after we polished the bowls, how not to grow fat! =/

Day 3


Started Day 3 with camwhoring while waiting for Sheila to be done with her hair and makeup. Gui Gui came to pick us for lunch at Terminal 21. Not my first time there but it was Sheila's and the girl was impressed by how every level of the shopping centre was themed differently. 

We went to the top level for Mookata lunch! It's actually my first time having thai BBQ because I was always turned off by how the meat oil will flow into the soup and we will drink it.

Bar-B-Q Plaza!


Zee family set!

The meat getting ready to go into our tummies!!

IT WAS SOOOO GOOD! We ordered a few more servings of beef cause 1 serving sure wasn't enough for the 3 gluttons. We paid 1000 baht for such a hearty BBQ lunch! (:

Bar-B-Q Plaza
Sukhumvit Soi 19(Wattana) Sukhumvit Rd
Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Terminal 21 Shopping Centre 
BTS Asoke Station

After lunch, was a tour around the shopping mall. 

Us with Golden Gate Bridge- the suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the opening of the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean.



Lol me with the sumo on the Japan level

Camera man of the day- Gui Gui!

There was no time to waste! We were headed for Chatuchak Weekend Market. The must-go-place on the weekend when you are in Bangkok! 


Handmade flower head bands!

We stopped at this shop for the longest time to get these pretty head bands! Sheila left the shop with a few for her photoshoot. The owner would teach you how to put them on after the purchase.

Sheila watching how it is done



Mad love!!!

There are so many things to see in Jatujak! There are accessories, clothes, shoes, bags, furniture, homeware and even pets!!

Pretty woman trying out some hair ties!

Shoes at just 150 Baht!! That's S$6!

Cute baby clothes!

Because the weather was so humid, because it's a must have in Jatujak... we went for coconut ice cream!! It's my first time eating at the authentic stall because there were too many coconut shops at Jatujak. Again, very thankful to have a Thai friend with us. (:

The queue! And they serve you coconut drink while you queue!!


No sharing, each one gets one!! :D

35 Baht for a scoop of coconut ice cream and some toppings of your choice!

Also at the other end of Jatujak market where the carpark is, there's this market that sells a lot of goodies. Gui Gui took us there cause Sheila wanted to get some durian chips back for her family. 

Durian, banana, longan!!

Gui Gui said that he wanted to bring us to somewhere special. Somewhere we have never been, a place which tourists do not know of. Of course, we were so excited and took an hour ride to the place. 


Camwhored as we waited for our ferry to arrive!!! The lighting was soooo good! :D :D


We got ferry tickets at 50 baht per person and in no time, we were on the ferry to another island for dinner- seafood dinner! 


It wasn't my first time on a boat but this boat drove so quickly we had water splashed at us even though we were in one of the last rows!! Sheila and I were using this and that to cover our faces lol and complaining throughout the 20 minutes boat ride. But well, it was an experience still hehe.

We arrived at this "Kampong" looking place which was really cool. Sheila was saying it's somewhat like Batam but I haven't been to Batam so I was really fascinated by such a place; Bangkok Seaview.




Curry crabs again!

This is true curry crabs. It's not fried with eggs like Somboon's. If you prefer yours drier and with strong curry taste, you would like it. 

Salted Egg crabs

I still prefer Singapore's when it comes to salted egg crabs. Theirs was really dry and there's no sight of the yolk. 

Killer clear Tom yum goong which I didn't have any cause Sheila said was very spicy.

I've never had so much spicy food in my entire life. But because of Sheila dear, I had spicy food for every meal for the whole 4 days in Bangkok!! I kept telling her how much I love her to do that lololol!

Some bamboo clam looking dish cause they ran out of la la.

We sat and chat and eat till night falls. And the sunset view was spectacular (:


Dinner was 2200 baht and really money well spent with such great ambience and view. It was an hour drive back into the city and we were considering either going for karaoke or desserts.We ended up at After You for desserts. Our mouths haven't stopped moving ever since we landed in the Land of Smiles!!!

And it says it all; There's always room for desserts!


My hot honey lemon tea

Chocolate Toast with Strawberry

Never a fan of desserts but this was too good! The toast was warm and each mouth with strawberry and thick chocolate fudge was heavenly! After You serve about 10 different kind of toast like Nutella, Sticky Toffee, Chedder and Matcha! 

Chocolate Lava Cake!

The 3 of us had a drink each and shared 2 desserts. The desserts are reasonably priced for the quality food, our bill was 600 Baht. After You is a popular dessert chain in Bangkok and they have 8 outlets now! You can check out their website here! (: 

The night ended with a visit to the temple my family go to every time we visit Bangkok. That is the Thao Maha Brahma which is also known as the Erawan Shrine.



What you do is offer prayers at each of the 4 face of Phra Phrom and place a flower at each face after you have offered the prayer. 

Erawan Shrin
494 Rajdamri Road, Bangkok, Thailand
Chitlom BTS
Location as per Google Maps.

Day 4


Tut Tut!! It's quite fun to be on a Tut-tut but not easy to take pictures on it cause the drivers are soooo fast!! Anyway Day 4 (our last day) was spent at Central World. After check out, we went for some shopping and lunch and it was time to head to the airport. 

Grand entrance of Central World.

We bought a total of 9 bras at the Wacoal at Central World because it was much cheaper there and Sheila swore by them. We paid like 470 Baht per bra! :D 

It was Coca for our last lunch in Bangkok! 


Finally something non-spicy for me!!

The price was at 1900 Baht, doubled that of our Mookata lunch. I preferred the Mookata lunch we had at Terminal 21. Missing it so much now that I am writing this post! )): 

We went for desserts at Kalpapruek. This is my second time there, the first was when I was in Bangkok for a Panasonic media event. Have been missing the red velvet waffles I had there and I just had to bring Sheila there, knowing how much she loves Red Velvet!!



Sticky Toffee Pudding

THIS IS SO GOOD! It tasted so much better than it looked! It was my first trying something like that and I must say Kalpapruek serve very unique and good desserts!!

Red velvet waffles with cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries.

This garnered so many likes when Sheila and I posted this over Instagram. I think Red velvet waffles are very unique and I never came across any in Singapore. Anyone have? Please share!! (:

We also have a video which is a summary of our Bangkok adventure so do watch it! The other 2 videos are from Jessica and Miss Tam Chiak whom covered Chiang Mai while Ben and Randy whom visited Krabi and Phuket! Do vote for our video here and win S$100 Chan Brothers vouchers and more prizes!!!

With that, it came to the end of our 4D3N Bangkok trip. The trip couldn't have happened without Chan Brothers for the generous flight and accommodation. 


VERY thankful for Bowling and Gui Gui, who look us around. You guys made this trip so fruitful. It would have been just another Bangkok trip without you guys!! 


Without my lovely partner, Sheila, the trip would have probably sucks. Thank you for training me to take spicy. I probably up my spicy limits after the 4 days with you!! xx

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May i know which After You outlet did you go too? Thanks.

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hi, where do you get the tank top with a heart you wore on Day 2?

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what's the name of "kampong" island? would love to go there during my next bkk trip! thanks!

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Hi Zoe, do u hAppen to haf the address of the accessories street? How should I tell the cab driver? Do you rmb how much was the fare?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, do you happen to know the address of the accessories street? How should I tell the cab driver? Do u still rmb how much was the cab fare?