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Just a short blog post to share my current favorite outfit from Hollyhoque, Haute High Neckline Top and Pleating Grace Shorts!! Wore the outfit on Saturday for a luncheon at Bliss House. Bliss House is a garden themed restaurant and so this outfit fitted the bill so well!


Zonia was my +1 for the event, thank you darling sister for coming with me! It's my second time to Bliss House, this time for a Somersby event which I will blog soon! The picnic basket in the very first picture was the welcome gift from the event!! Meanwhile, read my first post on Bliss House here! (:

Tea at Cafe Pal. No need for introduction now. I was there to do some work, accompanied with some tea and desserts.


Haute High Neckline Top and Pleating Grace Shorts are available via backorder which closes tonight 2359hours. Please be quick and make your orders, items will arrive 3-4 weeks later! (:



Longan tea for the beautiful Saturday


photo 2 (23)
Me completing some work for Nuffnang!

Remember my last image of beautiful roses at Cafe Pal's little flower corner? (: 

flowers cafe pal

It's not the usual girly and dainty but you got to agree that this week's arrangement is really beautiful too. Something I look forward to at every visit. 


Cafe Pal
43 Middle Road #01-00, Singapore 188952

Also dropped by The Nail Status earlier in the day to pass Christine and Mabs some goodies I got them from Japan and Bangkok. I was in a rush to meet up with them because of the Tokyo Banana. They taste so good and are so highly sought for, but they come with short shelf life. Tokyo Banana last for about 2-3 weeks and that's why they are not sold outside of Japan.


We had a gift exchange session because they too, bought me goodies from Europe! Hehehe! Thanks girls for the chocolates, tea cakes, tea leaves and personalized legoland pen!!! I love you both too! xx


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