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May with Jipaban!

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Revive Wellness gave Mommy a complimentary superlifting facial!! So it was Mommy and I to Revive on Mothers' Day! (: 

Mommy enjoying her facial!

If you always can't decide what to get your Mom, you can consider taking her to spa or facial to relax. I am on my 3rd Revive Wellness Signature MLD Facial session and I've been seeing pretty good results. I took awhile to share it with you because I wanted to see the results before sharing. 

Skin after facial.

I did the MLD facial which includes deep cleansing, steam, extractions, massage and mask. The therapist will access your skin type before mask application. For me, my skin has always been on the dry side so I was given a hydrating mask.


Why MLD Facial? 
  1. Helps improve the lymph drainage and acts as a safe and natural facelift. 
  2. Improves the lymphatic system and encourages lymph to flow more freely around the face and neck area. 
  3. The lymph helps to renew, nourish, strengthen and regenerate skin cells, thereby enhancing facial metabolism. 
  4. Removes toxins and aids in the production of collagen. 
  5. Enhances blood circulation – which is most important for healthy and glowing skin. 
Being natural, non-invasive and drug-free, Revive Wellness MLD is also proven to be effective in quickly reducing swelling that arises after facial surgeries and operations such as liposuction and vaser treatments.


And I was braver than ever, leaving Revive Wellness with a bare face. If you are interested in give it a try, do quote Zoe Raymond for a one-time trial at S$88 (UP. S$258)! (: 



Definitely not a new name now, Jipaban will be throwing a site-wide sale from starting from 17th May. Expect 30 to 70 % off over 3000 items on Jipaban is upgrading to serve you better so this is your last chance to grab all the awesome buys at a HUGE SAVING!


Fastest fingers will get the best deals.

Let me share some of the items that I can’t wait to get my hand on!!!!!


Arabian Nights Scarf in Mangrove! The one I got for Japan is already sold out! So grab this now and you won't be disappointed! (:

482546_10151371890501965_1108048819_n (1)

I love best about this piece is that it's not in 1 boring solid color but in 2 or more shades! It's perfect for layering and bringing up style and spice to your dressing!

Because girls can never have enough shoes.. I looked through the shoes category and picked 2 of my favorite shoes which look really comfortable! I picked a pair of Raduth Cut-Out Wedges and a pair of pumps.

Bowella Gold Plated looks very pretty with that big bow! I prefer my shoes in darker shades like black or navy for it would usually go well with any other outfits!

Another pair of shoes cause I am officially in love with boots after Hollyhoque gave me a navy pair for Japan!!


Hollyhoque carried the tan brown pair but it's now sold out.

So glad that I can find Daisy Duke Boots on Jipaban now and best of all, it's at a big discount!!!

Last but not least, how can we forget apparels? (:

Lime colored Double Stitch Pullover can never go wrong! The pullover looks too comfy and if you are travelling very soon and need some warm clothes, this piece will fit the bill- not too thin yet not overly thick! (:

Let’s see what else is on sale!! My favorite category of all on Jipaban! (:


At the accessories corner, with more than 2000 accessories in store for me, I was spoilt for choice so here's 4 of what I am intending to check out!


So what are you waiting for? Hurry go to Jipaban and grab them now! Only at

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Anonymous said...

Hi, may i ask if you prefer s110 or ex2f more? Thanksss! ;)