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Hollyhoque Clothes Buffet 2013.

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Spent Friday and Saturday at Expo supporting Hollyhoque at their Clothes Buffet 2013!! Melody and I rushed over after work to help her with some of the crowd. And of course camwhored a lot too when there was lesser people teehee! 

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Liz came over too!! Vainpots at #hhclothesbuffet2013! LOL

The 4 of us were in upcoming pieces from Hollyhoque! These pieces were on the New Arrivals rack at the event and if you couldn't make it down, do not worry for it will be up on sale online too! 

Girls went wild!!!


If you missed the event, here was how it goes! You get a small bag at S$55 and you can squeeze as much as you like into the bag! There were girls who squeezed 10 pieces which meant 1 piece was just $5.50! And you know my much HH clothes cost at an average of S$23, it's a STEAL!!! 

Mel and Sheila and they call themselves the Twinnies!!

Sale was fun because of the vainpoks company and also the company of the 2 little boys from one of the neighbouring blogshop!! 

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With the older boy, Commando!

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and Mel says; My camera made her hair look so chio!!

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With power staff, Mei wei!


too cuteeee!



Roseville Collared Dress comes in navy and cream too! It has just launched online!

And started Day 2 on Saturday at Expo with Hollyhoque too!! (: 

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I wore this old number with 2 cute holes at sides for Saturday! Sheila threw a few of this piece into the buffet racks! This dress was launched not too long ago and still available for sale at the boutique! You are very lucky if you got this piece in your buffet loots! (: 

:D :D

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OOTD with Sheila! (:

I was wearing my latest Raduth Cut-Out Wedges from Jipaban on Saturday. It's super comfy for me and I was on it for the whole day without complains! (:

photo 5
Kind reader who asked for a photo and tagged us over Instagram! Thank you for the picture and hope you like your buffet loots! (:

Day 2 with the 2 boys again!! Why so cuteeeeee! 

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Look at Army (small boy who said that's his name lol!!)

Sheila and I conned them with chocolates and sweets on the first day to come over lol! But by the second day, the boys were more warmed up and came over to play! Commando even drew a map for JY!!! So cuteeee!

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Till the next HH event people! xoxo

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That's my fren's kiddos!