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Healthy living, let's go!!!

It's Friday tomorrow and a Public Holiday!! How awesome that this is a 4-day work week! Will be spending my public holiday at Star Count's concert with my sister held at Gardens by the bay! I seldom go for concerts so I'm really excited for tomorrow! Will be catching PSY, Blush, Ceelo Green LIVE! 

It's the ultimate post-awards concerts weekend at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore! (:

Thank you Nuffnang and Star Count for the invites! Do read here for more Star Count concerts!



Outfit of the day is Megan Pencil Dress from Eternity Loft! This is my 4th piece of this design from them!! I actually got 4 colors of this exact same piece cause it's too comfy to be in and figure hugging which accentuates curves. =p



Garden salad with chicken, tossed in Citrus dressing for breakfast. With NTUC Extra at the foot of our building, we can get fresh food everyday! (:

With Dawn dawn!


New Plainto Ribbon shoes from Jipaban!


photo 3 (3)

Spending every possible lunch time with the colleagues at the gym now. Ever since Fitness First opened up a branch on the 2nd floor of our building, we have been more determined to get more exercise. Dragging Dawn to go with me too! I can't run cause of the bad knees so I brisk walk for about 30 minutes each time.  

photo 1 (3)

With gradient of 6 and speed of 6.5, I walk for 3.5km, losing about 250 calories each day. Not bad for a start, I think! Healthy living, let's go!!!

photo 2 (3)
done with gym!!

The other best thing about gym is washing and freshening up after that! I feel much refreshed and recharged for my other half day at work! Try it! 




Seafood dinner at East Coast Park!! Sinned on some good seafood since it's Friday!! Having been a Singaporean for 23 years now, it's a shame that it's my first time having seafood there. Ordered Chilli crabs, La La, Duo Miao, Satay and the bill was only S$50?! A meal like this in a seafood restaurant in Singapore would cost at least $120! 

I didn't take down the name of the stall but it's the one nearest to the beach and at a corner! I'm sure the stalls are priced at around this price and taste more or less the same.


Dou miao with garlic

Pork Satay with my favorite onions!

photo 3 (20)
Me looking tired but happy with the huge crab claw!

Some better looking pictures of me taken in the day teehee

photo 1 (24)

Ztyle of The Day
Metallic Blouse: Accidentally Three
Promo: Like Facebook for 10% off. Enter FB10 into order box for promo code. 
Blazer: Can't Remember
Pleats Vocation Skirt: Hollyhoque
Belt: Hollyhoque
Shell Bangles: Louvisa
Bag: Prada
Shoes: Taiwan

Not the first time featuring them here, they sponsored me a new blouse with the prettiest gold details at collar. I love the simplicity of the top and how black and gold compliments one another and cost no more than S$24! (:

photo 3 (19)

With zee colleagues, Dawn and Adam!

Subway Turkey breast for lunch!!

My order is usually 6-inch Honey oat bread with Turkey breast with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and MORE onions with a little of honey mustard dressing. Still trying to be healthy these days. So gyming + lesser calories. Subway has one of the least calories and calories aside, I actually really like Subway! :D 

Sinned on some Tutu Kueh at Chinatown!


Chocolates which Nicole just got back from Australia!

photo 5 (18)
Camho in the toilet

photo 2 (22)
OOTD for Fridayyyyy!

Ending the post with a shot of my new Pleats Vocation Skirt from Hollyhoque! It's essential black, every girl should have a skirt like this in their wardrobe! It's easy to match clothes and for days that you are lazy and do not want to dress up, just choose any top and pair it with this skirt and you are good to go, i promise! 

photo 2

The skirt is of one of HH's older collection so it's still for grabs here! (:

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