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Happy New Year!!!

Have been having so much fun this Chinese New Year that I didn't even on my laptop! Sorry for neglecting this space and thank you for those who wrote and text me to ask me to blog soon!

Hi hi! I am back!!!

I have so many many many pictures taken last week that I don't know where to start! You should really start following me on Instagram OR/AND Twitter cause I am updating very frequently there! If you already are, thank you!!! (: Just a brief summary  of my Lunar New Year week first since I need some time to prepare the individual posts! (:

An old skorts from Hollyhoque! 

My family has the tradition of having our Reunion Dinners 1 day earlier so everyone can join us! That is, My Gugu Julie, Gu Zhang and their children. This year isn't too complete because my Uncle and his family couldn't make it back to join us from London (The family moved there cause Uncle has been posted there!).

On the Eve of New Year, went shopping with Zonia!


She had some last minute shopping to complete her CNY outfits!


I wore Gold Link Stencil Dress from Hollyhoque's latest collection! Dropped by Hollyhoque for Zonia to browse through some of the New Arrivals. Also took a picture with Sheila teehee! Check out her new green hair! (:


And here's my dress for Lunar New Year Day 1 is my favorite dress of all the dresses I've prepared for the New Year! (:


Oriental with a Twist Dress from Hollyhoque! Zonia was also clad in Hollyhoque! She got the Angular Top in Black, paired with a skirt she newly bought from Far East Plaza! (:


And Day 2 I was in a Red backless dress sponsored by an Advertiser some time back.


Day 3 was visiting to Aunt's and check Zonia out!


She's looking all gorgeous in Hollyhoque Grand Entrance Dress which you can still get here! This dress is fantastic because it has one of those amazing slimming effect cut/ color!


As for me, I was in everyone's favorite piece from Hollyhoque this New Year! Melody has it, Christine had hers worn for Day 1 as well! It's such a pretty piece, the color and the cutting is really good, don't you think i look slimmer in it? Woohoo! Abstract Frenzy Dress is a shop exclusive for now!

And last but not least, it's my second flea collaboration with For Flea Sake!

Me with a huge luggage full of clothes for sale!

My first virgin flea was in August 2011, that's a year plus ago! Business was a brisk with Zonia and Melody! And you can see from the picture below.


Contemplating if I should hold another flea with For Flea Sake in March, and if I do... it will be this particular flea... will share in my upcoming post! (:

Going to start blogging the individual posts tonight so I can share with everyone what is my 2013 CNY like! Once again, Happy Lunar New Year to you! Wishing you and your family great health and wealth this new year (:

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Anonymous said...

may i know where did u got e tote bag of the first photo at this post?.. thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I viewed the online Hollyhoque website, guess is the model that I didnt notice the dress until your sistee wore it! So much nicer!:)