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Garden of Eve by The Nail Status


Back at The Nail Status for a fresh set of nail design. The last one was done a month ago and gosh! My nails grow real fast like 0.5cm! The appointments are soooo full now that I had to take leave and go at 12PM! So if you haven't had your nails beautified, do it fast!!!


sheila eyes so big!

photo 2 (16)

Didn't take much pictures of the nail process cause we were busy chatting away lol! Christine was doing for Sheila while Mabs was on mine. The only picture I took was when my nails are already pretty and the flowers done and leaves on its way! (: We had so much rubbish especially with Christine! lololol! 


I know i know! It's already so pretty!!! But look at how my nails look after the leaves are drawn! (: 

Piece of Art!

Garden of Eve by The Nail Status
Gelish Manicure: $50/ $45 Student, Dry Gelish Manicure: $35/ $30 Student
Nail Art Drawing: $65
(Promo Prices are valid till my next TNS set!)

Members 15% off. Students and Aircrews 10% off for ala cart services (min. $10)

Far East Plaza, #04-69
Tel: (65) 68362005

photo 2 (21)

She has always love black while my love for white has never changed. So there it is, Sheila and I have matching nails now! (:

The black base has a modern touch while the white base is for the traditional, clean look! Both designs look really pretty for Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day too!

Pretty!!! (:

Actually I should have more pictures of my nails but our dear Christine's photography skills... I dont want to talk about it lol.

With Christine!

And Sheila!

photo 4 (25)
With Mabs at lunch!

photo 3 (24)
Thanks Mabs for giving me pretty nails!!! (:

Walked over to Estique cause I left my charger there over the weekend! If you haven't realized, I had my hair color changed! 



Did my hair with Zonia on Saturday and It's now purple red! It's not so permed anymore now as well, quite psyched to have it straight again! It's 1.5 years since I have my hair permed I think! Again the place was so packed when I was there! Von had like 5 customers just from the morning till noon! My cousin was there to cut his hair too! 

Von is located at ESTIQUE at Pacific Plaza. Just opposite Far East Plaza.
Entitled to 10% off any hair services (except hair cut) if you mention my name!

Some of the charges:
Haircut: $100
Quote Zoe Raymond to get a cut at $80
Intensive Treatment: $125 onwards
Coloring: $150 onwards
Rebonding and Perms: $250 onwards (Depending on type of treatment as well!)

Von's a senior stylist, so his rates might be higher but definitely affordable for a stylist like him.
Von @ 92995052, and he is by Appointment ONLY.

It's also better if you girls could contact him directly cause I wouldn't know the cost of every service he has! Different hair lengths cost different, I don't do most of the services such as perm and rebond as well! He's nice and WONT BITE! (:

Don't forget to note down Von's number 92995052.

photo 3 (25)
New hair for 2013!

photo 1 (25)

Zonia has a dark red base and hot pink highlights. She opt for darker pink cause she was afraid it's too loud for school and only had the highlights on alternate hair bunch! (: 


And off to Revive Wellness for my Snowflake appointment. Sheila came with me to get an underarm snowflake package as well! She dumped her last one which was really bad I heard ): 


Sheila took up the 10 sessions for $388 Snowflake underarm sessions and she tried the half leg snowflake too!


I have a reader who emailed me that she was quoted $888 instead of $800 for 10 sessions of Brazilian. I got her to drop me an email of the details and spoke to the staff. They pulled out her details and realized she quoted she heard of $800 from a 'blogger' and heard of Revive Wellness from "Website" so the counter staff didn't apply the $800 promotion.  Please quote Zoe Raymond/ Referred by Zoe Raymond when you are signing these packages/ trials for the best prices! Thank you! (:

Ala Carte
First trial
10 sessions $800  (U.P $3840)

10 sessions $388 (U.P $2800)
½  leg or full arm
Full leg
Upper Lip
10 sessions $288 (U.P $288)

Revive Wellness
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#03-37 to 48 S059817
Central (above Clarke Quay MRT)

Branch: 6222 0061 / 6296 8809
Office: 6392 5008
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 11:00am to last appt 8:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am to last appt 7:00pm
Sunday and PH: 11:00am to last appt 6:00pm

Monday ended for us at dinner at Chinatown Point. Been there about thrice now and it's renovated and reopened! So go visit them if you haven't! We had dinner at the Taiwan restaurant on level 1, not too bad!

photo 1 (20)
Snow Ice with mixed fruits

photo 2 (18)
Sheila's taro tang yuan

photo 3 (23)
ru rou fan!!!!

photo 4 (20)
oyster omelette!

The oyster omelette is just so-so! I love the Ru Rou Fan! It's so fattening in Taiwan but so much less fatty in Singapore yay!

Because my Garden of Eve nails is so pretty, here's a refresher picture! Teehee!

photo 5 (19)

I was clad in Hollyhoque! The jersey top is in its last pieces at the boutique, not sold online! The Leather Trim Printed Shorts in Spring is a hot favorite amongst my friends! Melody, En and Jing all got a piece!

photo 4 (19)

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Anonymous said...

Why did you choose to have a different design for the 4th finger? Was it deliberate or a mistake?

Sharon said...

Hi Zoe,
Could you share with me more on what is a snowflake underarm? I read u hv been to jean yip as well.. Before. Could you share with me which types of services u hv tried and why you might recommend them? I hv rather dark underarms and i hv been scrubbing daily and doing waxing mthly. Im a first timer on this and just wanna make sure im investing on the right one... Im also interested in know if there s a less painful alternative than brazilan... Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

Is there any package for half or full leg snowflake treatment?