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Canopy at Bishan Park.


It was another dinner session with the girls. We now have a group chat called Hollyhoque fans lol. Anyway pictures at Sheila's office before we went to Canopy at Bishan Park for dinner. 



That's me in the Maiden Tea-time Dress from the latest arrival and Melody looking so gorgeous in the Leatherette Pocket Top! Isn't the Maiden Dress pretty for CNY? Get yours from the boutique at Far East Plaza #01-31 fast! Okay! Gonna spam you just 3 more pictures of it. Was at the boutique a few days ago and saw a couple of girls getting this dress and yes!!!!




Nicole came over to the office and Melody drove us all to Canopy at Bishan Park which was just minutes away. We took quite a bit of photos before we went in because it would be too dark when we finish our dinner. Good choice! :D



Sheila was wearing the Grand Entrance Dress which is soooo flattering! It really makes one look even slimmer! Zonia got herself that for CNY! (: This dress comes in Red as well! If you prefer your dresses less loud and bright, the navy one is for grabs! Also available at the boutique, Ladies!

Sheila and Nic so cute! lol!


hehe Melodybaby and I! (:

Her leatherette top is super popular! I have 1 of them myself too now cause I couldn't resist.

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Busy and hungry women!

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some of the pizzas!

Mini Wagyu Beef! This was so good! We had 2 servings!

Our order is Melody's recommendation! Smoked Duck Pizza. 

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Homemade thin crust topped with smoked duck, pomodoro, mozzarella cheese, shredded apple, rocket salad and truffle mayo! We had to return our first plate to the waiter because... it had ants!!! black and were running around my pizza probably cause of the nature of the place, but they were pretty apologetic and no big fuss.

And here's our main! It got us really excited cause it was huge and grand!


This is the Grilled Seafood Platter for 2. It has Lobster, squid, prawns, mussels, wedged and vegetables! 


Favorite got to be the squid. It's really juicy and Q! We were so full! We had 2 Wagyu Beef , 1 pizza which we couldn't finish and a seafood platter which we whipped out! The girls still could manage desserts! 

We ordered Diana's Signature l, chocolate and Goji Berry Fudge Crunch with chocolate ice cream and it was bad!


The presentation was okay, we took a couple of pictures but it tasted weird. The ice cream isn't fantastic either. Disappointment. 

The other one we ordered to share was the Apple Crumble! Caramelized Granny smith apple wedges with dash of cinnamon and golden raisin top with homemade eggless almond crumble. Thankfully, this was fantastic! We finished every bit of it!


We didn't make a reservation thinking that the place won't be crowded on a weekday. We ended up with a table at the other wing of the restaurant which wasn't too pretty. It was... very green, Canopy's Greenhouse. Nicole was really funny. She was saying she felt healthy cause everywhere was green and the pictures hung on the walls were plants. The main restaurant was much grander and nicer for pictures!

The food we ordered were overall good. I liked the seafood platter and wagyu beef cubes best! The desserts' prices were on the high side, at around $12 for 1, definitely not worth it especially for Canopy's Signature. Do give Canopy a try (:

Canopy Garden Dining and Bar
1382 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 Singapore 569931
Bishan Park II, Aramsa
Tel: 6556 1533

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