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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Reunion Dinner 2013.


Took awhile to filter the pictures but here's the start of my Lunar New Year blog posting as promised! Reunion dinner is always a day earlier so everyone can dine together that is my Gugu's family too. Xiao Shu (Small Uncle) just got a new dog so it's my first time meeting Roxy! (: 

Say hello to Roxy! (:

Roxy is actually the older sister of Hugo! Her owners has returned to Australia and so they took her over. Roxy used to be a garden dog which means she could only sleep outside of the house. What a poor little girl but no longer because she is being loved and taken care of by many now! 

kept inside cause Zonia and Mama are scared of dogs 

Gugu Julie and us!


Zonia and Gugu!

A lot of people say that Gugu and Zonia looks alike! That's because Zonia resembles my paternal side; like my Daddy and Ahma! 

Zonia with our handsome Xun!


Zonia with Xin

with Kai!

This year isn't too complete because my Uncle and his family couldn't make it back to join us from London (The family moved there cause Uncle has been posted there!). But Kai is back with us because he's back in Singapore to serve his National Service. Kai is from NINJA- same platoon as the guys from ah Boys to Men!

We used to dine out for reunion dinners but the past years we have decided to dine at home instead. Reunion dinners must be comfortable. We don't like the fact that we have to rush to finish dinner for batch 2 of guests.

Can you see what we are eating? (:


If you like popiahs, you will understand why my family loves them too! We get to make our very own popiah, something children like to do. Making popiahs= adults and i can have it my way! 


Daddy and Ahgong!


Family picture!

Gugu made fruit salad for us! There's blueberries, tomatoes, grapes, mango, pears and more! Gugu had dried orange peels as the salad sauce and it's superb!!! 


Have the fruits cut with orange peels and put into fridge for the taste of orange peel to be absorbed! 

Karaoke after dinner! Xiao Shu's karaoke box is better than those at KBOX! The technician comes every month to update new songs and seriously, I can find more songs in this box as compared to KBOX and Partyworld! (: 

Ahma singing with Xiao Shu! (((:

everyone crowding around to listen/sing! (:

Handsome Daddy! (:

Xiao Shen's homemade Pineapple Tarts!

Xiao Shen (Smallest Aunt) makes the best dishes (after ahma of course hehe!), every gathering, we will always get to eat good food, desserts, pastries from her! (: 

more fish now!

Ending the post with picture with my beautiful Ahma (: 


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Sherlyn said...

Why so weird one! Zonia scared of dogs and you not scared! haha. I'm also super scared of dogs lol.

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