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That's what friends are for.

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Been clearing my annual leave from 2012 recently and hung out with the Hollyhoque girls on my days off! We spent hours in Hollyhoque where Sheila excitedly share her new designs with us lol! She will be like this is new, very nice on you, have red black....

Sheila and I first met each other at a manicure appointment in 2008.

Us at Von's!

She didn't talk much, very quiet to people who have never met. It's been 5 years since we have collaborated and good friends (:

Two shots of myself in the lift down! My outfit of the day was soooo cute! 



Melody came over after work and we camwhored so much! Everytime i meet them now, I will use their iPhone5 to take pictures, it's soooooo much better! Pictures with Mel as Sheila cleared some work.

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Melodybaby, thank for always being by me, tolerating my behaviours at times, being patient and walking through my toughest days.  

Remember this picture which you helped make happen in 2010? 

And one of our very first pictures was taken at my 21st birthday celebration. 

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Chester and us in 2010! 

Oh Mel! Remember I was just saying I miss your long black hair? I will always remember you that way (: We have come a long long way. 

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Us in 2013 (:

Okay la, enough of reminiscing. Took pictures together when Sheila was done with work! 

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why you two eyes so big!!! (:

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We went outside to take OOTD! This is where Sheila usually takes her OOTD, just outside her office where the lighting is superb! (:

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Ztyle of The Day
Felicia Cherry Romper: Ecstatic Summer
Promo: Quote Zoeraymond10 for 10% off. Valid till 6th Feb.
Belt: Bugis Village
Loafers: Hollyhoque

Told you that my cherry outfit is sooo cute, you got to agree with me! This tiered piece is actually a romper, which very much looks like a dress. Since I say it's a romper, we can move freely around in it and looks like a good piece to consider to upcoming CNY just a few weeks away! (: 

Sheila bth (buay tahan, can't stand) me anymore cause everytime she sees me, I'm in her loafers. It's too comfortable to be in any other shoes, honestly! 

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Meanwhile.. note to myself is to gain more weight. Everyone's been complaining I'm too skinny now. Used to be at a steady 44 kg but recently it's just 41. Can some of the 3 kg come back to my face please!

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And a last picture before we went to Canopy at Bishan Park for dinner. The place is really cosy and nice, will blog soon!


Dinner with the family after work! Went to Jcube to buy some hampers for Daddy's clients at Eu Yan Sang and Hock Hua.

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 And off to dinner at one of the many hawker centres there. Random shots of what we ate! I love you hawker centres!!! (: 


Indian Rojak. 

Kueh Chap

Saba Fish


Daddy enjoying his Korean food! 

Chap Chai Peng

Tao Suan!

Dinner was alright. My plate of Chap Cai Peng isn't too fantastic. I prefer old school hawker centres like Old Airport Road and Maxwell Market.


Ztyle of The Day
Spag Top: Forever 21
Shirt Skirt in Blue: Keep Your Mirror Guessing
Promo: Quote ZoeRaymond15 for 15% off. Valid till 28Feb. 
Bracelet: Can't Remember
Shoes: Taiwan

Like the cutesy skirt I wore? (: Win the skirt in a colour of your choice. Like the KYMG Facebook Page +  Like & Share 'The Shirt Skirt' Album +  Leave a comment on the album telling us why you love The Shirt Skirt! 2 up for grabs! Giveaway ends 15 February 2013, 2359h! 

A few more pictures of me and my sister! (: 

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Went to Tiong Bahru with Daddy after dinner to have his glasses made. We patron Frames and Lenses every since we moved to the area. My aunts and family buy spectacles there! It's usually very cheap, like $100+ for a pair (:


Because it was Thursday, Baskin Robbins has a buy 1 scoop get a junior scoop free when you wear PINK! Awesome day! Whenever we have Baskin Robbins, we would be reminded of Bangkok! They have this promotion there and Zonia and I could have a scoop for the week we are there. Glad that Baskin Robbins has been expanding in Singapore! Here are the 4 outlets till date! (:

Velocity@Novena Square
#01-72/73, 238 Thompson Road, Novena Square

Clementi Mall
3155 Commonwealth Avenue West, #04-K1/K2
The Clementi Mall

23 Serangoon Central, #01-K4/K5

Tiong Bahru Plaza
302 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-07
Tiong Bahru Plaza

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Anonymous said...

do you know where to get the dress sheila is wearing in ure first photo? its so pretty on her!