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Date with Au Chocolat.


Hihi! Met up with the girls for dinner last week. Melody and I met Nicole and Sheila at Hollyhoque's office and Mel drove us to MBS for dinner. Had my hair messily bun up because the weather was so warm! 

Melody suggested going to Au Chocolat and there we were! I love Au Chocolat. It's my 3rd visit there and I must say, I enjoy it every single time!

Picture of the ladies of the evening, all decked in Hollyhoque clothes!

Melody was wearing the white blazer she picked up from the boutique a few weeks ago, don't you agree she looks really dainty with pink and white? My favorite colors combination! (: 


They have the prettiest layout/ decoration ever! The kinda place girls would love to visit to camwhore! Sheila and Nicole were excited to see the train that goes on the rails on the ceilings but it was under maintenance ):

cute coaster!

While food took awhile... we took photos! (: 

With dear Sheila (:

Melody and Sheila!

me with Mel! (:

Truffle Fries!

We initially only ordered 4 mains, 1 for each of us... But because the smell of truffle was so strong for their truffle fries, we couldn't resist and ordered 1 too! Yes! I am not exaggerating! We could smell truffle from the next table, no kidding! 

We ordered 4 different mains so we can eat 4 different food!

Roasted Spiced Pork Belly

That's Sheila's very sinful but yummy Roasted Spiced Pork Belly! The pork belly is marinated with home spices, slowly roasted till tender with crisp crackling and served with caramelized pineapple sauce. Just 1 piece and I just wanted more! Got to order this the next time round! 


Melody ordered this pretty serving of 
 Duck Confit

Nicole had her hands on a plate of Duck Confit! She ordered this within minutes of looking at the menu! Tender duck served with spicy apricot chutney, hoisin infused with tangy chocolate sauce. Ahh! The brown sauce is non other than Au Chocolat's speciality; chocolate! 

Au Chocolat Club Sandwich 

I had my hands on the same item which I had the last time I was there! Au Chocolat Club Sandwich Traditional double deckle stuffed with Bacon, a Sunny Side up Egg, Grilled Chicken Fillet and Sauteed Mushooms finished with Swiss Cheese and tasty Guacamole Spread!

Super thick, full of goodies!

And another picture of all 4 of us with all our food!


With Nicole! I love her purple hair!

Sheila was hungry but I still want take photos lol!!

And time for desserts. I am actually a rare girl who don't enjoy cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, chocolates; those stuff. But I do love taking photos of them! 

Looks like it's from Tiffany and Co.!

The deco tells what cake it is! Carrot Cheesecake!

Au Chocolat has a fridge full of different kinds of cheesecakes! And again, photo taking time as desserts were on their way! 



The cakes are so pretty! Melody and Nicole ordered 2 cakes for us to share. 

Peanut Butter Cheesecake!


I would prefer the peanut butter cake better than the Berries one because it's too sour for my liking. If you like cakes not too sweet, you can try the berries one! (:

Do make reservations if you like to dine there! The place was really packed when we were there, considering it was a weekday and 7PM! If you are a fan of desserts, you got to dine there. I say dine there because they do not sell cakes on its own, you have to order a main if you want to dine-in. I love Au Chocolat and I will be back! Teehee! 

Au Chocolat 
Bay Level L1-03 
2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956 
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands 
Tel: +65 6688 7227 (Bistro) 
+65 6688 7557 (Confiserie)

Dinners are such a joy with great company! Glad that Nicole is back from Australia for good now! We are going to have more meetings together now, not just Sheila and I anymore! (: Ended the evening with pictures in the ladies cause there was good lighting there!



Took a long train ride back home and took photos of my new pearl clutch which Sheila gave me from her office! It's going to be launched pretty soon and so we can all hold new bags to Pai Nian! (: 


It's really really pretty. The pearls are so dainty and it's really white (don't like yellow colored ones!) so it looks very expensive at a fraction of the usual clutches prices! The clasp is also not a plain buckle, instead it is a diamonted clasp; making the whole piece look even more classy! (: 


If you like my OOTD, the Overlap V-Neck Playsuit is from Hollyhoque. Sheila, Joice and I were debating over the color of this piece. Sheila was saying it's pink while Joice and I insisted it's coral! What do you think? (:  This romper was launched a collection ago and you can get yours here


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Hi Zoe, hope that you can share the cost of the food for us for reference..thanks