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Superstar K with Purink!


Me in Sparkle Some Diamond Dress from Hollyhoque taken in my room before I went out! (:


Went to Revive Wellness for my Snowflake Brazilian Permanent Hair Removal appointment again. The last time round, I promised to share the results. I'm satisfied with the result and so I've taken up the Snowflake Underarm Permanent Hair Removal. I paid $388 for 10 sessions, which is considered very affordable. I have heard of places that charge $100/ session and places that charge $100 for unlimited sessions but very bad service and non effective.

place was packed!

waiting for my turn!

Going to shower and change into kimono!

Took pictures as my session was done. My session was considered painless. I have undergone IPL for slightly more than half a year and to compare the pain threshold, CPL is 50% lesser painful! 



After the initial consultant and recommendation of number of treatments has been discussed you are booked for your first treatment. The area to be treated is cleaned and shaved then the chilled hand piece is applied directly to the skin. Once the entire area has been treated, calming and soothing products are applied.

Usually a minimum of 8 to 10 treatments are recommended to get the best results. This is because only actively growing hair follicles are destroyed by the CPL and not all hair will be active growing phase at the same time. Treatment times depend on the area treated. For example, bikini takes 10 minutes. IPL has proven very effective for more while I am on my first session of CPL, let's see the results within a few more months; feeling very positive! (:

done with hair a little messy!

Ended the session with a picture with my therapist called Pei Yi! It's my second treatment with her and I really like her. She's very conscientious and gentle! (:


There's some adjustments to the Brazilian Snowflake price list. Please see updated price list as per below! (:

Ala Carte
First trial
10 sessions $800  (U.P $3840)

10 sessions $388 (U.P $2800)
½  leg or full arm
Full leg
Upper Lip
10 sessions $288 (U.P $288)

Revive Wellness
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#03-37 to 48 S059817
Central (above Clarke Quay MRT)

Branch: 6222 0061 / 6296 8809
Office: 6392 5008
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 11:00am to last appt 8:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am to last appt 7:00pm
Sunday & PH: 11:00am to last appt 6:00pm


After Revive Wellness it was dinner with En, Pris and Yanli at Tanjong Pagar's Superstar K! Thankfully for Pris who made a reservation. The queue was so long, tho we had a reservation, we didn't get a table immediately too. Pris caught some Korean boy to take pictures for us lol!



so full!

good hair day cause i have nice curls!



Why was I squinting?


Makgeolli, also known as makkoli or makuly(takju) (and referred to in English as "Korean rice wine"), is an alcoholic beverage native to Korea. Personally I do not like the taste of it, this is very very cheap in Korea. The two boys drank so much and it cost only $2 for a 1L bottle! Restaurants like such sell it at 10 times more! 

It is made from a mixture of wheat and rice, which gives it a milky, off-white color, and sweetness. It is made by fermenting a mixture of boiled rice, wheat and water, and is about 6–8% alcohol by volume. Most makgeolli contains rice these days. However, a few brands contain wheat instead of rice. Source: Wiki



We ordered 2 meat, 1 ramen and 1 kimchi soup to share! 1 thing i like best at Superstar K is the steamed egg! The picture was blurred so I am not posting it, the restaurant gives 2 free flows. In Korea, steamed egg is only given to children.

Kimchi Soup! Too spicy for me! ):


We ordered the Seasoned Pork Nect Meat and Beef Ribs! I don't like the beef ribs too well because it's too blend. I'm probably too used to marinated meat and the Seasoned Pork Nect Meat is dope!!!

sizzling good!

The bill came up to $100 for the 4 of us. Pretty normal for Korean BBQ dinners. I've been to Manna a few days ago, I dined at Manna Korean Restaurant a stone throw away from Superstar K. I prefer the ribs there. Taking the girls there the next time! (:

Superstar K
75 Tanjong Pagar Rd
Singapore 088496
Tel: 6224 0504
Operating Hours: 1130am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-11pm, Closed on Monday


Pictures before we left the restaurant! Love my Sparkle Some Diamond Dress from Hollyhoque that evening. The color is so dainty, pretty for CNY if you are visiting the boyfriend's family or visiting some elders. The dress comes in wine red (CNY color!) and black (Club with friends for the new year like Nicole and Sheila lol!) as well! (:


We were all good girls that evening lol! We had a nice long walk around Tanjong Pagar before heading home. Group photos before we parted ways, the 3 of them towards Pasir Ris while I went towards Joo Koon.. sigh.. used to all go back in the same direction.



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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe! is there any age limit for the snowflake treatment at revive wellness? thanks in advance!