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Bed of Roses by The Nail Status.


It's a monthly affair at The Nail Status. This time it is with Sheila dear. It's been ages since we met up to do nails together, seemed like our schedules hardly met for the past few months ): 

Christine was with a customer so it was just Mabs and Perlin prettifying my nails for me! Afraid that TNS will be too packed at the end of the month, I decided to do a design that suits CNY, yet suitable for everyday look :D

photo 2 (47)
byebye Christmas pink nails! (: 

with Sheila! (:

sighhh blurry shot with Mabs!

Love the lighting at TNS Cottage. I always get nice, fair pictures! :D 

Toothangels give me nice white teeth! :D

Perlin and Mabs! :D

Sheila took the next few pictures but she no tell me that my hair is so messy!!! 

drawing started!


Sheila took mug shots of us too! 


chio photo of Mabs!

photo 3 (44)
and meme!

Last post I was asking Christine to improve her photography skills right? She was practising again and i found this shot in my camera..... 


Christine darling.... why always so big space at the top? Can add birds flying....


Perlin and Mabs hard at work! Because the design I wanted needed a lot of detailed drawing of roses, strips and dots so a lot of patience and hard work were needed!


pretty blue roses

My new Guess Watch which doubles up as a bracelet! (: 

Camwhore as my nails were set to dry! Told you the lighting is good!


favorite shot! :D


Tadah after 2 hours, please look at my pretty toes and fingers! Every rose was drawn painstakingly. Had to put in the color then add the white then add little leaves. And they are soooo small! Lace and diamontes were thrown on after the painting were done!


My toes are a matching set as well! This is definitely the first time i am having such pretty toes, done with so much effort and love. 



Bed of Roses by The Nail Status
Gelish Manicure: $50/ $45 Student, Dry Gelish Manicure: $35/ $30 Student
Nail Art Drawing: $95 (8 flowers), $80 (4 flowers)
(Promo Prices are valid till my next TNS set!)

Gelish Pedicure: $55. Dry Gelish Pedicure: $40
Nail Art Drawing: $80 (Prices varies depending on intensity of nail art)

Members 15% off. Students and Aircrews 10% off for ala cart services (min. $10)

Far East Plaza, #04-69
Tel: (65) 68362005

Show you a few more close up pictures with my fingers! (:



and the thumb!

Here's for the Fans of TNS! TNS is also holding a contest twice every month! 


Just upload your latest manicure on The Nail Status Facebook Page and stand to walk about with $10 vouchers! Awesomeeeeee! (:


Ztyle of The Day
Toga Top: Past Advertiser
Laud Asymmetrical Skirt: My Spirit Inc
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for 10% off.
Fringe Chic Suede Loafers: Hollyhoque

Should you be are interested to be featured here, do drop an email to for advertising rates (:

It's my second long skirt from this online store! The last asymetrical one was so well received, you will now see more of these classy black skirts. This time round, I didn't have it all black, i paired the skirt with a dressy top so you see if looks good casual/ semi-formal. The skirt is rubberized at waist so it fits up to a UK10, do check web for exact measurements!

It seems like everyday that I am in Hollyhoque's loafers. This loafers are made of Real Suede which very well explains it's comfort. This classic loafer silhouette is made even more picturesque with soft suede material in refreshing hues and fringe details adorning each toe. Featuring fringe details at front, rubber cubes at back of shoes. It is in it's last few colors and pieces, you can try the loafers at the boutique should you doubt me at all! (:

After nails, accompanied Sheila to buy JY's birthday present. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JY! (: We took OOTD outside Ngee Ann City haha! We took at a corner cause shy.

Sheila is in her new Overlap V-Neck Playsuit in Forest Green which was just launched last night!


You can get yours here. She gave me a similar one in coral.

And mine (:

photo 4 (33)

We also went for dinner after Mabs and Christine were done with their customers. We had porridge buffet at Goodwood Hotel! It's pretty good, share soon!

Happy friday you all!  xoxo



Yet another launch from De Owlet! This time round, it's a Lunar New Year launch for all of us! Yet another manufactured collection, here's some formal and casual new year wears for you. 


Starting off with the more formal pieces, it's this intricate full lace dress with a high mandarin collar. You will agree with me that it's very suitable and pretty for Lunar New Year and you will be torn between the new colors; white and pink! (: 

High Low skirt in Summer yellow! Happy colors for this happy festive! I have been a sucker for these Asymetrical skirts recently! (: 


The other pieces available are these coral pieces! 


There's the high low wrapped skirt and if you remember the ruffled dress and jumpsuit, they are from the last launch but in brighter colors for this festive! 

Next up, we wore this lace top casual when eveyone thinks it's more for the formal wears! 


Besides the mint colorm this cut in top comes in 3 other colors! The top fits well because of the sash at waist that accentuates the waist.


Here's another blazer is this launch but it's a casual one! The color-block blazer comes in 3 colors with purple being my favorite! 


If you prefer your blazers in less girly colors, there's aquamarine and cream! (: 


Shop for the New Year with De Owlet

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Hi, for your OOTD to The Nail Status, may i know where you got the gold bangle from please? Thanks! :)