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Trattoria Lafiandra.

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Dropped by the Hollyhoque office to meet Sheila to go for dinner with the TNS girls. I was in Hollyhoque's Pantkins and a sequinned top initially but Sheila recommended her latest neon colored blazers. Melody got the one in yellow while I got the orange one. The blazers are now available in Hollyhoque Boutique.

J sent us to meet up with Mabs and Christine, a shot taken in his car with my grainy iPhone 4S front camera.

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Trattoria Lafiandra

Trattoria Lafiandra al Museo is a charming addition to the 19th century building, with its warm-hued interiors set aglow by chandeliers and scenes of Italy hand-painted on walls.

love the walls


As Mabs and Christine are regulars, Mabs made a reservation because Trattoria Lafiandra is always packed for dinners.

Singapore's Best Restaurants Award!



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with sheila dear

Vegetable Soup


 Pizza Capricciosa Tomato and Mozzarella with artichoke, ham, olives, salami and mushrooms!

Thin crusted pizza! The pizza is really good and a must order dish there. But... i don't like artichoke ):

group shot! :D

And... solo pictures with our pasta!




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Mabs, Sheila and I ordered the same lol! Carbonara; Penne in double cream with bacon, egg yolk and parmesan cheese while Christine had hers tomato based. 

happy cause very creamy!

Desserts time. Christine ordered 3 tiramisu for the 4 of us to share but the waitress probably heard wrongly and served only 2. Lucky cause we were too full that we can't finish. 


Argh! Can never remember not to breathe in when eating the tiramisu's cocoa powder. Sheila and I were coughing non stop and choked nose. 

photo 1 (4)
me with a pretty tiramisu

Tiramisu is their speciality and if you like your tiramisu with more alcohol, you got to give this a try, but remember cannot breathe in!!! 

Thank you Mabs and Christine for the nice dinner! They say company treat us. hehe so nice! :D 


Trattoria Lafiandra Al Museo
71 Bras Basah Road
Singapore 189555
Tel: 6884 4035

We went out to take more pictures! Christine, Sheila and I were clad in Hollyhoque clothes so we have to take more shots hehe.

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Christine was in Hollyhoque's maxi dress which I got the exact same one, love the color! I was in the Hollyhoque's neon blazer, pantkins and Fringe Chic Suede Loafers which are all available in the boutique now. Sheila was in her latest flora water color skater dress, super pretty! (: 

photo 3 (7)
and 1 last group shot! (:

Mabs and Sheila took turns to help me take my ootd hehe so kind of them always helping me take photos, especially Mabs, from TNS to outside. Christine's photography skills must improve la. 


photo 5 (6)

Thank you girls again for everything. I don't say how I feel always but i'm always thankful for knowing all of you from work and now real friends. You girls have been with me through ups and downs. I always feel it's easy to have friends but true ones are the rare ones. 

Just like Christine's whatsapp personal message says; A true friend is someone who says nice things behind your back. And Mabs's is 3 words, 8 letters. (:

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Anonymous said...

The pastas look tasty xD
I went to this place before!