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NeLi’s Ice Cream.


NeLi’s Ice Cream is more than just another ice cream shop. To be exact, we are a boutique travel-themed lifestyle ice cream café.

I love the deco of the shop, inside and outside.

Me in Lara Gems Toga Top from Eternity Loft and camwhoring with the vintage looking bike!

Let's have a tour of NeLi’s Ice Cream! 



Theme of NeLi’s Ice Cream is actually unique travel-themed décor stems from owners' desires to share their passion with everyone else. Be greeted by their departure// arrival board style menu when you step into the shop, order from their friendly cabin crew who’ll scoop out your ice creams with a smile, grab a pint of goodness from the pint belt a la baggage style, and then begin your journey round the world.


They have also got travel memorabilia and souvenirs from their previous trips overseas!


As well as travel maps/ guidebooks/ magazines/ photographs on display for you to browse through if we’re travelling anywhere (or dying to visit somewhere but have no idea where to go!)

We can pen down our very own travel tips on our notebooks or read about recommendations on where to go/ eat/ stay by other like-minded travel enthusiasts.


The whole shop is of mint and white color theme, I love the refreshing and girly shades. It makes me really happy and you can see from all the pictures that it's brightly lit- perfect place to camwhore haha!


Time for ice cream! The boss, Yvonne, was really nice to walk me around all the flavours in store. The flavours are home made by herself and all her very own creations! (:

There's 2 whole fridges of ice cream!

Butterscotch is the best seller!

Chrysanthemum Sorbet

This is really unique! It feels like I'm taking the herbal drink itself! Can i have these when I'm sick instead, please?

Seasalt Chocolate is good!

Ribena Sobet- FAVORITE!

Waffles delight!

Fan of waffles! I can have them anytime! The waffles at Neli's are again, homemade and created by themselves! Can't wait to try them! (: 

My desserts are being prepared!

And as i waited for my ice cream to be prepared, I took the travel books to my seat to read! Be it K-pop Seoul or downtown Manhattan or even exotic Sri Lanka, you can surely find some interesting snippets about these places!


Hongdae is a very popular party place in Seoul!

And tadah! My ice cream and waffles with maple syrup was served! I love the freshly baked waffles. It's not the usual airy instead it's very fluffy and Yvonne was telling me many have this as their main! 

From left to right. Ribena Sorbet, Brandied Cherry Choc, Chocolate Banana and Peanut Butter!


Of all the flavors i've tried, I like these 4 best! The peanut butter scoop is made of crunchy peanuts instead of the creamy ones. I love the feel of biting into real peanuts! 

The Brandied Cherry Choc is a real good deal. It's made of a generous amount of liqueur and a must try if you like your ice cream with a tinge of liqueur! 

Chocolate Banana is the other favorite because I can bite into real bananas as I have my ice cream. The usual Chocolate Banana ice cream i have has their banana totally smashed and blended so all I get is taste of the bananas. This flavour is definitely hard to ace at making. 

Last but not least is the young at heart Zoe, Ribena Sorbet! 


I took this close shot of the Ribena Sorbet shot to show you how unique it is! It's actually made with gummy bears in it! The gummy bears are not too hard and very much melts in the mouth with the sorbet. 

And just 1 last shot of me before I dug in! (:


Also tried the Molten Lava Cake! I've the highest standard for lava cakes because it was to be flowing. Not over heated and under heated. I've been to places that sell lava cakes that are dry, rock hard! If you are a fan of lava cakes, you will get what I mean!



Neli's Lava Cake is a must order and with their very own Vanilla Ice Cream. The vanilla ice cream is real authentic! They scrap every last bit of their vanilla beans so that their ice cream is polka dotted with black seeds! (: 

I had such a good time at Neli's just talking to the young owner! Neli's has been around for just a couple of months and yet they have came out with more interesting and unique flavours, very very worth the visit! Do visit Neli's Ice Cream on Facebook to be informed of their latest promotions and flavours! (: 


P/s: It's $2 waffles on Wednesday with purchase of 1 or more scoops of ice cream! That's the best mid-week treat for dessert fans! (:

NeLi's ice cream
233 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574364
Tel: 6452 2410

For eateries who may like to feature your restaurants here, may like to drop me a short write up about what you offer at!

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