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Happy Birthday Pris!

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Last post for 2013. Dinner at Ssikek Korean Grill BBQ for Pris's birthday celebration! Zonia recommended having Korean food there so there we were.


I've missed the Korean BBQ I had in Korea, it was so good! When I called a day before to make a reservation, the lady was telling me that the timings available for dinner was either 5.30 PM or 8 PM. Initially thought the place was smaller in capacity but it was not. Ssikek was really packed when we reached so glad we made a table reservation! 


Plates full of Chicken, Pork, Beef etc. Ssikek serves very generous types of meat and buffet style! The prawns were very fresh and pre-marinated with sesame sauce; I love sesame dressing! I had so many prawns that evening! (: 


Chio En! (:

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with Zonia's good friends!

Roasted Garlic!

How we eat our Korean BBQ meat! (:


Yanli was really kind. She prepared a birthday cake for Pris. It ain't exactly a cake but it's really pretty and yummy! It's in these small little bottles. In the bottle, there's cake, cream and somewhat sorbet.

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Happy Birthday darling pris!

We got to try Strawberry and Passion Fruit with Mango because of Yanli! Apparently it's quite an ulu place to buy these!

with Yanli!


We spent exactly 2 hours having our dinner at Ssikek. We had 2 portions of meat and a lot of vegetables. To feel less sinful for eating so much meat, I had more vegetables teehee. The Kimchi there is also very very good. Yanli had so much raves about it.

And a few pictures outside after we finished dinner.

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with the birthday girl!

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taken with Grainy iPhone! ):

Next two shots taken with Zonia's new Canon S110. Love the camera too cause it was wifi function. Allows us to take pictures and send over to our handphones to upload/ edit! (:

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The mint floral dress which i'm in is from Hollyhoque! Definitely one of my most worn dresses till date! (:

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Those looking for an incredibly affordable Korean barbecue buffet treat should head down to Ssikkek Korean Grill BBQ. Buffet dinner offered is slightly above $20 and the restaurant offers a huge repertoire of marinated meats and side dishes. The downside about this place was that it's really stuffy and be prepared to smell quite a bit after you finish your meal.

Ssikek Korean Grill BBQ
275 Thomson Road #01-01/02 
Novena Ville 
Tel: 62548123

After a hearty Korean dinner, we went to Far East Plaza. Pris wanted to shop for some new clothes at Hollyhoque! And if you are not aware, Hollyhoque Boutique is having a storewide promotion. Pris bought a knit top, black pants and a bag! I got the same pants as well, it's just launched, comfy and of slimming effect! Already wore it out! (:

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There's 20% off dresses, bottoms, bags and shoes and 15% off tops, accessories and outerwear! Very attractive promotion held for their fans this year end and these fans know it too! The store assistant was telling me that it's been only 2 days since they held the promotion but her storeroom is almost cleared out! Sheila had to restock the items once she landed from their work trip!

Hollyhoque Boutique
 #01-31, Far East Plaza
Tel: 97111196
Opening Hours: 12PM - 10PM 

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Pretty Christmas Lightings in Orchard Road

The night was still young. We went over to Cineleisure for karaoke! It's been some time since we girls had some singing together. We took a slow walk to appreciate the Christmas lightings (:

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Honey Lemon for everyone so we get our throats soothe!


And a picture with Zonia who came with me for Karaoke. I love my sister (:


We sang for over 3 hours. Sang till my voice was hoarse! Pris has a strong voice, En can hit a lot of high notes while Yanli sings really well and soothing! We also prepared a gift each for Christmas Secret Santa; our yearly affair.


Though this year sees lesser girls for party, it's still our tradition and those who didn't arrive also has to prepare a gift. Yanli picked my gift which is in the blue Christmas sock. The sock is from Daiso while the gift is a Bodyshop Peach Body Butter Scrub. I also bought sweets and chocolates and filled the sock. My colleagues made these in office so i copied the good idea lol! I love scrubs from Bodyshop, very relaxing and sells very very good! (: 

I picked Pris so I got her very thoughtful gift. It's a set of body products from Crabtree and Evelyn. 

Beautiful Toiletries Bag


It's a set of Pomegranate products. There's a Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Cream and Buffer! (: 

We had so much fun! It's 14 hours to a New Year! I had seafood dinner with my family and that's my last meal of 2012. And a last shot which I edited and posted on Instagram. I used Decopic to add the Lomo filter and Hello Kitty Love text (:

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Trust that you had a great time with family and friends too! This New Year, may you bring joy to your loved ones and be surrounded by laughter and gaiety all the year round! (:

Ending the post with a picture of Zonia and I (: 

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