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Dinner with Mel & Brad (:

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Been awhile since I wore maxi dresses out! Saw this Hollyhoque maxi dress with cut out designs at waist on Sheila's instagram and knew i had to bag one for myself. The black which i initially wanted was sold out and Sheila recommended me this red one cause I was fair. And I'm glad I head her advice! (: 

Dinner was at Liang Court's Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru with Melody and Brad. The place was just opened for a few months and Brad had wanted to give this place a try.

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru

with Melody!

Thank you Melody Girlfriend. Thank you for always standing by me through my ups and downs. From helping me at a shoot at Chester's till rough times as I grow up. I miss you.

How packed this place is at dinner time!

Camwhore cause I have nice hair! (:

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Melody and I took so many pictures as we waited for food to come! They have a special menu of really uniquefash like rockfish, Kurosoi Jacopever! 



Following pictures are what we ordered! (:

Tempura Udon

This was just so-so in my opinion. 



White bait fish

Ika Ichiya- Grilled overnight dry squid

This is really good! Got to order if you are visiting this restaurant. The squid is really juicy and springy, QQ! 

Corn Cream Croquette

Maguro Avocado

Kanpyo Maki- Dried Gourd Shavings Roll

Aburi Salmon

This is another favorite good one. Better than itacho! (:



And a last shot of the plates! (: 


We were skeptical about having sushi at a Japanese restaurant with a conveyor belt because it very much reminds of the lower end sushi places. But the reviews from food connoisseurs were pretty good and situated at Liang Court where Japanese gather, it cant be that bad. The downside of this place is that they do not take reservations so be there earlier or expect to wait for about 20 minutes at peak hours. 

Ryoshi Sushi Ikeikemaru 
117 River Valley Road #B1-48 
Liang Court
Tel: 6337 1022 

After a satisfying dinner, we walked on to a dessert place recommended by Brad. 

Sandals also from Hollyhoque!

We headed to The Fabulous Baker Boy just opposite Liang Court. This gem was just opened a month ago and they serve very unique cakes! 


happy girl!

We love the main set up of the restaurant! Its filled with pastel pink, blue and white! Very girly colors and this is so nice to camwhore at.

Melody and I in matching red! (:


Little Red Velvet Cupcakes that were so pretty!

meme so happy and showing no eyes at all!

cakes and more cakes

We ordered 5 different cakes cause they were all so pretty and the flavors so interesting. 

HAHA! We are crazy women when we meet up!

Nutty Monkey

Red Velvet

Apple Cider

The baker boy came to our table to ask how we find the cakes and he cut short at asking if we got enough when he saw our table. Our table was full of cakes and he said we had so many! We are probably the first that ordered so many to share. The opposite table had like 2 to share amongst 6! 

Green Tea Praline, Raspberry Lemon.

Melody's favorites are the Red Velvet and Nutty Monkey while mine was the Raspberry Lemon and Red Velvet! The Raspberry Lemon is probably the best cake I've had because I am not exactly a fan of cakes. The taste is really unique and the cream used in Baker's Boy cakes are cream cheese! Fattening but YUM! 

The Fabulous Baker Boy
The Foothills
70 River Valley Road, #01-15
Singapore 179037
Tel : +65 66948336

outfit by Hollyhoque

And if you realized how good my hair looked, I was at Von's earlier! 

photo 1 (37)

Von is located at ESTIQUE at Pacific Plaza. Just opposite Far East Plaza.
Entitled to 10% off any hair services (except hair cut) if you mention my name!

Some of the charges:
Haircut: $100
Quote Zoe Raymond to get a cut at $80
Intensive Treatment: $125 onwards
Coloring: $150 onwards
Rebonding and Perms: $250 onwards (Depending on type of treatment as well!)

Von's a senior stylist, so his rates might be higher but definitely affordable for a stylist like him.
Von @ 92995052, and he is by Appointment ONLY.

It's also better if you girls could contact him directly cause I wouldn't know the cost of every service he has! Different hair lengths cost different, I don't do most of the services such as perm and rebond as well! He's nice and WONT BITE! (:

Don't forget to note down Von's number 92995052.

photo 2 (32)

Von gave me a trim cause it has been awhile since I did it. Also an had intensive treatment cause perm makes hair dry! ): Look how healthy it is now. At my last visit, i had my hair colored darker so there is not need for constant retouching and I feel darker shades on me look healthier and younger! (:


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Happy walker said...

huhu, i rike sushi~

Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

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Omg I love all your posts about food hehehe please do more reviews/recommendations!! ^-^