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Maki-San – Design Your Own Sushi and Salad!

Sheila got me to help her with the Hollyhoque x Maybelline event over the weekend. Here's a shot of Joyce and I with loud eye makeup!


We were given new shades from Maybelline's new range. Joyce and I were given Teal! Blog about it later this week when I get more pictures!! (:

After using DarlieExpertWhite I can now show off my toothy grin proudly! Scientifically Proven 3X Whitening Effects! Get yours here.

En and Z came to visit me and I cleaned off most of the makeup before I met up with her.

photo 5 (23)

photo 4 (24)
fatty arm! ):

After the walk, went to The Cathay for dinner. En recommended Maki-San which allows us to Design Your Own Sushi and Salad. We love Japanese food, especially Sushi, so we were there.

Bright happy place!


All the ingredients

And picture with En before our food came! (:


random shot of me and my nice hair!

photo 2 (34)
Close up shot of my braided hair! I like it! (:

And our sushi were ready! It came in pretty boxes which look really expensive. I think I'm paying $2 out of the $6.90 just for the box! lol! 


En got the mega one while mine was the small one. I ordered shredded chicken, cucumber, chicken floss with vinegar sauce. 


En's was much better! She had smoked duck, tamago, cucumber, tempura flakes, teriyaki sauce! (:

look how good it was! (:


Ztyle of The Day
Joie De Vivre Lace Heart Pocket Tunic: Antiestablish
Shorts: Forever 21
Bangle: Hollyhoque 
Bag: Miu Miu
Wedges: Hong Kong

It's tough not to find this casual top cute and comfy! Wore this top on my weekend and love the heart detail is made of sexy black lace and all i had on was a simple pair of shorts! (:


2 Handy Road, #B1-17/18 
The Cathay
Singapore 229233
Tel: +65 6737 8772



It's just a week to Christmas! If you haven't done your year end shopping, here's another launch from The Friday Best! Starting the post with my favorite bustier dress.


If you love partying in dark colors, we have the classy black. I personally prefer the electric blue one.

Jeanie did a great job in this collection's pictures with all the descriptions, I thought I would share some of my favorites with you! (:


Studded dresses if you are the rocker chic.

Bejeweled Dress in 3 pretty colors!

This is my other favorite. I love how the silver rhinestones go with the white. The dress is of fab material so non sheer though white : 

Textureed dresses!

And the last 2 pieces are tops! (: 


Here's another electric blue piece, this time in peplum design. I would usually wear this with a pair of work skirt but this top looks just good in shorts too! (:


Last minute shopping with The Friday Best!

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