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Black Friday with Jipaban.

Online shopping just got sweeter. Jipaban is going to do a BLACK FRIDAY SALES on the 23th November 2012 and we would like you to join us make this sale a blast!

“Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day , traditionally the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.”  

It's 60% off Guys and Girls fashion! Yozzz Bookworms, it's 10% off your reads! There's also 10% off gifts, DVDs, Blurays and Games!

The last time I shopped with them, it was a huge damage.

12 items checked into the shopping cart within half an hour so I am so psyched for this sale, 60% off female and male fashion means I can get double the items at the same price?! :D 

Female Homepage

Browsed through the site and marked down the items that I am going to get once the sale is on! 


Shopping for year ends so it's this pretty clutch which I can use for dinners and functions. Perfecto~

And of course, a beautiful dress for the dinner! 


Shine looking fab and stunning in this sexy number! What's year end without a new dress right? Check out the price, another stunner!

Another dress from maryjulian because I love their unique designs and how can i check out a 60% sale with just 1 dress right!


Very attractive model clad in a classic number! The dress looks pretty playboyish, another piece I will wear to dinners that are not too formal!


Fan of accessories and now, sucker for feather earrings so it's this new arrival earrings. 


It's not our usual all feathers design! It has dual colored feathers and completed with those fine chains! I likeeeee!

Male Homepage

Cannot just shop for ourselves. So here's some guy clothes off the comprehensive guys apparels tab to share.


Loveeeee checks. Shopped for guys clothes at Jipaban before and material assured! 


And another polo tee for smart casual days! Your date can be clad in this when you wear the maryjulian classic dress! And while you are in the Plum sexy back dress, he can be in the checkered skirts! Definitely head-turners for the events! Teehee!

Black Friday is one day only. So hurry up and start shopping for Christmas, New year… do you really need more excuse to start shopping? Mark your Calanders! Set your Alarms! It's a date with Jipaban on

23th November 2012 from 12.00am to 11.59 pm!

Thank you, Jipaban! (:

P/s: Translate what kindness means to you in #aNationofKindness instagram contest to win some exclusive gift vouchers here (:


Vote and stand a chance to win a Bosch Classic Edition Fridge only at the #BoschCookoff here (:

And more shopping in this post~ 
Eternity Loft launches a bigger than ever collection so there's more to choose from this holiday. Starting off with my favorite of them all is this Ruched Toga Top with gorgeous embellishments at shoulder! 


The material, like every manufactured piece, is of fab quality and very stretchy. We played with pop colors jeans to spice the outfit up! 


Because it's so pretty, I bagged the turquoise and navy one home! Perfect for the holiday season :D


Next up, is the other design which i couldn't resist! It's this sleeved dress which is again of boutique material. I took one of these home and am gonna wear it for work! 

Which color would you pick? (:


There's also this intricate lace detailed dress in rum which is also great for work and dinner dates. 

So pretty, it's hard to resist.


Last but not least, it's the cream top which I call the work top. It can be worn with a simple black work skirt and also doubled up as a casual piece! (:

Thank you, Eternity Loft for this pretty collection!


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Lunch with Adam at Youmenya Goemon at Citylink. 


Youmenya Goemon is the original Japanese pasta shop since 1976, which began its roots in Shibuya.Its unique creations such as the mentaiko pasta and shabu shabu pork pasta are examples of the perfect fusion between Japanese and Italian ingredients.

We were attracted by their lunch sets! It's pretty reasonable at $15.90/ $16.90! The main itself will cost about $14. 


Cause the portions are quite big, i decided to go without a set and just ordered my main. 



Probably because of the set lunches they hold, the place was packed even before 1230pm and we were lucky to get a table! Some after us didn't get a table as most of the other tables are reserved. 

Adam's Salad

Chicken Pasta

Sausages/ Bacon Tomato based Pasta for me!


Ztyle of The Day
Vivace Skater Dress: Simply Wardrobe
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for free normal mail.
Belt: Far East Plaza
Bag: Miu Miu

Perfect work dress for anyone. The cut is good and material is really comfortable. Instead of just donning the dress all black, i had on a red belt to brighten the outfit (:

photo 2 (23)

Yomenya Goemon 
1 Raffles Link, B1-63A 
Citylink Mall

Walked around Raffles City for a bit to digest and before our next appointment! 

photo 3 (20)
Happy Children!

There's LEGO exhibition on the top level of Raffles City and Adam wanted to look for something for Yolanda so there we were! I never am a fan of lego pieces probably because i am not a patient person and I can't sit down for long. 

And one last picture of my ootd! :D 

photo 5 (15)

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