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Christmas Pizza Pre-launch Party with Pizza Hut!


Weeee! It's such a nice surprise to see Cheryl and Eleanor at an event on Friday! TDC is one of the very first blogshops that i worked with at least 3 years back now. 

We were invited to Christmas Pizza Pre-launch Party with Pizza Hut held at Funan IT Mall. 

Cheryl and Eleanor

Ordered 4 different drinks and so we get to try the different creations. 

Sparkling Lychee Drink and Strawberry Fruit Drink!


Lychee Green Tea and Zesty Mint.

Salad with generous amount of strawberries, pineapples, green apples and prawns!

Favorite Sweet and Spicy Drumlets and Chicken Wings!

We were given a demonstration of the making of the Double Sensation Pizza, where part of the process is TRADE SECRET! 


Hush hush, so not too many photos of the process. But it was certainly an eye-opener! (:


This is Albert, the Outlet Manager at Funan. He was really patient and kind to explain and stop at intervals in the process to pose for the cameras. This is a photo of him with the completed pizza, and a million-dollar smile.

The Double Sensation Pizza just before making its way to the oven. Ohhhhh... Cheeeeeeeeeese...


Ztyle of The Day
Sine Criss Cross Bralet in Green: Last Bus Ride
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for free normal mail
Aztec City Skorts in Orange: Hollyhoque
Watch: Aigner
Bag: Miu Miu
Shoes: Bangkok

Got this bright bralet and i really love it! Too shy to flaunt the tummy, i wore Hollyhoque's high waist skorts instead! The bralet is slightly padded and the less endowered will love this piece! 

Should you be are interested to be featured here, do drop an email to for advertising rates (:

another shot with Cheryl and Eleanor!

There was a little competition right after the demo where we were split up into two teams. Each team sent a participant up and were tasked to place all the toppings of the Double Sensation Pizza in the quickest time.
Well, the guy in the photo did it the quickest, but he's not from my team.


BUT....... we girls are just that little bit more meticulous, and our team won!!! Yay!!! $5 Pizza Hut voucher for all members of the winning side.

We returned to our seats to have more of the Pizza Hut delights! 


photo 2 (24)
Hard at work...

Cheesy Baked Beef Lasagne!

Another Cheesy Soft Shell Crab with Rice Hot Plate which is really spicy!

This is good! It's really fragrant and the sauce is actually our favorite chilli crab sauce! :D 

Roasted Chicken!


photo 3 (21)
Our Double Sensation Pizza!!!

I must say, no effort was spared in the creation of this pizza. There is no way you can fault the choice and quality of ingredients used. 

First, there is cheesy chicken sausage! More cheeeeeese... yum! 
Second, they used zucchini, not your normal cucumbers.
Third, fresh mushrooms - not the kind you get out of the can.
Fourth, more meat! Smoked chicken chunks and turkey ham slices! 

Just wholesome...

photo 4 (17)

Desserts to top it off. 


We have Chocolate Lava Cake which could have been hotter. Okay by now, we were all Full...........

photo 5 (16)

We all left with a goody bag each too! Thank you, Pizza Hut for the generosity! We had a hearty dinner and thank you for sharing with us processes that we never would have known! (: 

For those who want a piece of the Double Sensation Pizza, it will be launched on the 21st of November 2012- which is tomorrow! Head out to the nearest Pizza Hut restaurant for a Christmas Party Meal. The meal will consists of 1 Regular Double Sensation Pizza, 2 Selected mains, 1 thick fries on dips, 4 Soup of the day and 4 selected sparkle drinks! This Christmas Party Meal for 4-5 persons will be at only $58.90+++ (U.P. $93.20)! 

For those who are celebrating at home, you can also order it online and here's another surprise for you! By just buying a bottle of 1.5L Pepsi online, you get to a chance to win $1000 cash!!! Just like that (:

Good Luck! :D

photo (4)



New here is De Owlet! It's my first shoot collection with them and 1 word, huge! 
The above lil prints dress comes in mint and pink! It's such a sweet, demure piece that i would wear to work or on weekends too!

Kimono rompers!

Reptile Printed Toga dress which i bagged in pale yellow!

Tube Dresses which comes with complimentary clashing colored belts!

Shift Work Dresses in pop colors!

I have this dress in  black and I totally can just get another color cause it fits me like a glove! The dress is really comfortable and I want the emerald one for work! 

Also in this launch is this blazer! 


It comes in white as well! 


You will be spoilt for choice and it's all De Owlet's fault!

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