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Hollyhoque goes to Zouk!

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Okayyyy! Here's a more detailed post of the day that Hollyhoque went to Zouk! If memory didn't fail me, this is probably Hollyhoque's first ever public appearance! Sheila saved Mabs, Christine and I golden tickets so we were there an hour earlier than the frenzy crowd that came streaming in at 1pm. I live a stone throw away from Zouk so I was there slightly before preview started so helped out Jocelyn and all with hanging up the clothes. Christine was even more kiasu, she was already there helping out before I was. Thank you Jocelyn for taking me in! (:

The crowd starting pouring in at 12pm on the dot. Soon before i realized, the whole event floor was packed like sardines. There were fitting rooms available so imagine that super packed area! Hollyhoque had a great team supporting this event, helping to hang out more clothes, cashiering, fitting rooms and getting new pieces for customers who have decided on what they want! The whole place was frantic! If you were there, you would know exactly what I mean.

Christine Sheila and Mabs!





before preview went official

Clothes were sold at $16 $19 and probably some even below these prices. Some were last chances while some were extras from backorders. And the rack that saw most people was the NEW ARRIVALS racks! There were quite a bit of customers that asked where the NEW ARRIVALS were and went straight there. So we can see that HH fans don't just visit the event for cheap deals but also to be the firsts to get their hands on the unreleased on the website apparels! Christine/ Mabs and I were also showed to the rack by our dear Sheila! We bagged about 3 pieces each! (:


There was barely enough space for anyone to get into that area!

That's a nice smile! ((:


photo 4 (50)
With Mabs using Instagram!

With S95!

Walked around the place cause there were other blogshops around as well! This sweet and super tall girl stopped me for a picture. Though I look soooo fat in this shot, here's the picture because I promised to post it here for her cause we took it using my camera. (:

Didn't get her name, sorry! (:

Also visited Cheryl and Eleanor at TDC! It's so nice to see familiar faces there and people smiling at me and even stopping me to say hello (: 

photo 2 (71)
last shot before I left the place for lunch (:

Love the dress that I took soooo many pictures that day! :D

Lunch at Asia Grand Restaurant again. Teehee! Loveee the dim sum there.


Peking duck at only $38. I love Peking Duck!!

Custard Buns, Zonia's favorite!

Prawn with Mango


Char Siew Bao

Fried Chee Chong Fun

Ipoh Hor Fun

Roasted Duck- Favorite!!! (:

big ass shot of my face because I want to show you the earrings lol

very satisfied!

The meal worked out to about $50. You may want to take your family there this weekend! Do remember to make a reservation! (:

Asia Grand
331 N Bridge Rd, Odeon Towers 
Singapore 188720
tel: 6887 0010


Tea at High Society. Second time there and i really love this place. I would always look in every time I'm in the building for my hair appointment with Von. 

Some shots of the place and what they serve.

the stairs lead to the 2nd floor's That CD Shop

High society record label was founded by That CD Shop since 2006 and is deemed as the jewel of the recording industry as it is the only record company in the world that is being endorsed by all the four major recording labels!

very comfortable velvet sofas










photo 4 (51)
instagram shots of the prints of the dress!

photo 5 (46)

With its distinctive design of chequer Italian marble flooring, golden chandeliers, and white walls adorned with golden frames of red velvet, the Cafe exudes an old world charm of the good life with a twist of contemporary lifestyle living. As befits its cosmopolitan heritage, the food menu at the Cafe is an eclectic mix of East and West, ranging from local delights to modern European fusion.

An ideal restaurant for high tea, lunch or dinner, the High Society Cafe is also the perfect venue for corporate events and private parties. Finally, to complete the whole offering of services, High Society carefully selects and curates a music playlist culled from their archives which is played non-stop at the Cafe.

High Society
9 Scotts Road #01-01/03, #02-10/15 
Pacific Plaza (S) 228210 
Tel: 62388940

Besides Pacific Plaza, High Society is also located at MBS (:

photo 3 (62)

You can get the dress from  Hollyhoque! You wouldnt regret (:

Hollyhoque is also holding their clearance sale, this time online! Don't miss it!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe. I have been reading your blog for quite awhile. I have been pondering if I should let you know or not.

Your current hair really don't suit you. It make you look old and haggard. I hope you take this comment positively. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi! i love how you give reviews of restaurants that you visit! especially asian grand! now its my favourite dimsum place.