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Jean Yip Loft- Ginger Treatment.


Visited Jean Yip Loft yesterday! I know it's been awhile since i've visited them but I am really tight on schedule! This time, I looked for Fang again and did a scrub/ wrap and massage! Promo for you!! Read on!(:

On the cab to loft! (:


Jean Yip loft is located at New Bridge Road, just directly opposite Pearl Centre. A very convenient place cause it's very near to the MRT station, Chinatown! 

Some pictures as I waited for Fang! (:


I always get this refreshing, clean feel when I enter Jean Yip Loft. Must be the clean and bright concept that they have (:



Level 5 for my treatment!



Ztyle of The Day
Floral Keyhole Blouse: Damselove
Shorts: Bangkok
Bag: Coach

The top is of sweet flora prints and just slightly rubberized at the sleeves hems so you don't have to worry if it's too tight. When I visited the website, the pictures show a pretty girl in this top paired with a bandaged skirt for work. But I decided to have it on casual cause I think the prints look good either way! (:

Another shot before I change out! :D


Looking kinda ridiculous with the shower cap and cam whoring lol


And a few more as I waited for Fang to prepare the ingredients. Usually Fang would ask me what kind of treatment i would like and she would recommend me the types they have that best suits my requests. Say, I want something to make me slimmer, she would recommend sea salt or ginger. Have since tried both and it's VERY GOOD! 

all set!

No pictures of the scrub process cause the camera has to be kept away! But I got Fang to help me take 1 picture of me being in the wrap! :D So after the ginger scrub has been applied on, i would be leave alone for awhile. Cause Ginger is hot, i perspire A LOT! Like dripping kind. 


I usually am able to tahan for about 15-20 minutes only because I perspire pretty quickly. The process is not painful but I think just like yoga, one should endure and push oneself further to see results. The therapist would ask you from time to time if you are feeling good. So if it's too much to take, they will help clean the scrub off (:

After the scrub, it was my favorite MASSAGE! Thank you, Fang, for always helping me relax my stiff bones!


Shot after I shower and back into a new shower cap lolol!


All rejuvenized after the scrub and massage! Fang was saying slimming scrubs and wraps are the most popular at Loft and some of the customers see immediate results. I personally think it's very good too and definitely doing this again. Fang said I had a lot of wind in the body so i have to force myself to cut down on cold drinks and food. I really don't want to look bloated ): Especially for shoots! 

quite a cui shot cause i usually don't bring my makeup pouch out!

At the lounge on Level 2 for a hot cup of Ginger tea and dessert. The ginger tea is DA BEST ever! 



Ginger is one of those ingredients that is very good whether it’s cooking or skincare! It’s got a number of wonderful benefits including:

  1. Increased skin radiance due to the fact it helps to improve circulation.
  2. It’s a natural anti-oxidant which helps to fight free radicals. (Free radicals are one of the main promoters of skin aging) 
  3. It is known to promote the skins smoothness and suppleness. 
  4. Energising and invigorating to the senses.
Jean Yip is throwing a promotion for readers here! (: 

Quote Zoe Raymond when you make an appointment at 63257307. 
Fresh Ginger Scrub (20mins) + Revitalising Body Massage (60mins) + Dessert of the Day at $60.00!

Home super relaxed and happy! :D

The last pencil work skirt was really well received and that's why i actually bagged two colors myself. There's still some left so be quick!


Eternity Loft launches another exciting collection with another 2 manufactured. This time round there's a manufactured blazer which I really liked! I was torn between 3 colors and ended up getting the white and green one cause i've got too many black.

A very popular color now! (:


The blazer comes in black with hot pink inner lining for those who prefer classic blacks which can never go wrong for work or play! 


Love the material, i swear by the fabric which is FAB!

Another manufactured piece is this very dainty dress which I bagged the periwinkle colored one. 


I love the light weighted chiffon material so it would be very comfortable to be in for humid Singapore. The pieces come in so many colors, you definitely will be torn like I am!


It's the weekend soon! Shop away at Eternity Loft, ladies! (:

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Anonymous said...

I feel so comforted n happy reading your blog everyday!!! ^__^
I can repeatedly read yr blog entries~ :)
Seeing your pretty photos n clothes always~
U're my favourite blogger, Zoe!!!
Stay happy, pretty n healthy always!!! :)

LoVe, VV~ :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe!

Would like to make an appt with jean yip for the treatment you get! But after done, will they actually hard sell? I dislike the feeling of being pressurized and I'm still studying! So ya. Let me know what you think before I go down this Saturday! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The promotion have any deadline?