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Backtrack to Friday.


Decided to go more formal on Friday because I want to wear my new white skirt! lol! People dress down on fridays but i dress up.

cute lil ribbons!!!! :D

Tied my hair up because the weather is crazy!!

shot outside Wangz for breakfast! :D

Now my favorite tao huey that taste quite like lao ban! Igloo's Soyacube! (:

Almond flavor!

And later in the day, i had a bowl of Lao Ban at Old Airport Road. Two bowls of my favorite in a day.... HEAVEN! 

photo 2 (6)

photo 1 (5)

Talking about Almond, i love Almond. But i came to realize that boys do not like the taste of Almond! Why why???

Met up with Melody for lunch at Raffles City! Been awhile since we hung out!

photo 4 (5)
Instagram shot!

And another instagram shot of Melody buying lunch at Soup Spoon.

photo 3 (6)
Who's that chio girl with long, silky hair??

And of course.. camwhore shots! :D :D



And Mel's super nice light pink jeans she got from Hong Kong and KILLER HEELS! Love the color lah!!!

so pretty!


Hehehehe! Our outfits of the day! Mel so nice, she asked me if i need to post ZOTD, she help me take photos hehehe! (:


Ztyle of The Day

White Ribbons Shirt: The Mimosa Shop
Skirt: Can't remember
Bag: Coach
Watch: Omega
Shoes: Bugis Village

I love white shirts and regret to say that my white shirts are all plain. This is my first white shirt with 2 cute little ribbons and a bib in front. Who says corporate can't go a little cute? (:


Us chilling at the top level of Raffles City! And us in front of the window for good lighting for our photos! :D :D

I feel so loved!!! :D

And I want to show you pictures of my new shoes! :D :D

photo 4 (1)
Taylor Blink Flats! 

"Turn on the shimmering heat this summer with our Blink Flats. Gold, shimmers and blinks has got to be the colour of the season this sizzling hot summer! Great for a night out in the club, chilling with friends or just for painting the town red during weekends."

photo 2 (2)

And another pair of new in store wedges! :D

Sheena Wedges



shimmer gold buckle!

I got another two pairs of shoes from Lloola! The last time I featured 2 pairs was a few weeks ago where i wore it to Hollyhoque event at Zouk! I wore the gold shimmery pair to work a couple of times now and I love how it stands out from my plainer outfits. The wedges is love at first sight because the material is so soft, i can walk hours in it! (:

Visit them to shop for comfortable and pretty shoes now! Join their mailing list and like their Fb page to get the quickest updates. 

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