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Cottage by The Nail Status

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Here's my all time favorite set of nails by The Nail Status.
Met up with the girls on Saturday and town we went. Made appointments a few days before for the 3 of us.

I told Mabs that i wanted this set of simple flora nails this time round. My last Royalty set lasted me a good 2 months without breaking and all (It was a set of gel nails).

Mabs removing my old set of hard gel (:

wearing my denim romper from bangkok! :D

very happy!

Was supposed to do my nails a month back but i was sick and all. Thank god the nails lasted well (:

Pictures with Jing (:


mabs at work! (:


Mabs ticked me off countless of times cause i was so so fidgety! 
But she's such a professional. Cause the flowers still turn out super well still. Teeheee must praise her cause she's really very patient with me. Love you! :D

Okay. for those on twitter/ instagram (user: zoeraymondtan would have seen this beautiful set.

look at those little pink/purple flora!

We chose a set of light pink base for those nails with french tips and baby pink base for the plain ones (:
There was a girl who asked why the french are so thick, the french are slightly thicker than usual so we can have the pretty flowers drawn on! 


Cottage by TNS
Gelish Manicure and Nail Art Drawing (Roses): $75
Far East Plaza, #04-69
Tel: (65) 68362005


And im a happy girl! (:


Went down to Old Town White Coffee to meet En. She left us earlier after her gelish manicure was done to meet her insurance agent. 

Took some photos and i had nasi lemak lolol


En looking good with her new hair by Von! :D


photo 3 (6)
And we three wore the same watch! 

And last 2 shots which i posted on instagram of my cottage nails! (:

photo 3 (7)


Love this nail style, i'm getting ready for my next set next month! :D

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Anonymous said...

Hi, can i ask what is the brand of your watch?

Anonymous said...

hihi can i know the brand of your watch ?

Anonymous said...

hihi can i know the brand of your watch ?

Anonymous said...

May I know this watch is from where? What brand is this?

sx said...

where did you girls got yr watches from??? ;)

Anonymous said...

Her watch is from BCBGMAXAZRIA!:)

Anonymous said...

The watches are from bcbg (:

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

zoe,i heard u broke up a marriage became 3rd party ?
Really or not?

Joyxe said...

It's frm bcbg. Taka gt sell