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Come join me at National Family Celebrations 2012.

turning 21!

When National Family Celebrations approached me, I was really excited. I have never been  recognized to share about family events. Though I took a look at the labels where i categorize my posts and Family is actually in the top 3 topics. I blog a lot about my family because I spend a lot time with them! (:

What should I talk about? 

This was on my mind when I came home. So I thought I would share something more about me, something which i probably never shared before.

Mommy is really protective of Zonia and me and so we didn't get as much freedom as our friends did when we were schooling. We couldn't stay out late, usually home by 10pm and we were not allowed to date till we were older. There were times where I would be sad that I am always the first to bid my best friends goodbye during gatherings. As I grew older, I would leave with a wide grin on my face cause what matters was me having quality time! Maybe you would be thinking " whatttt! why is my Mommy like that??? But, it's important to know that every family's upbringing is different and you shouldn't wish that Mommy would be like your friend's Mommy who is more slack. Mommies may have their different ways of loving you, but Mommies 不会嗐伱 (Get you into trouble)!

There was once, when i had a quarrel with Mommy and Daddy came and talked to me. He told me something i never knew. And took granted for.

He said " Zoe, your Mommy gave up a lot for this family, she even stopped meeting her friends cause of the family." 

It's not because Mommy doesn't want to spend time with her friends anymore. Who doesn't love hanging out with their friends? But because. We have topped her list since we became her daughters.

My family is a very close knitted one. When Zonia and I were still studying, we would have dinner every night together. Dinners are very important to us because on the dining table, we share what happened in school and my parents about their work and also colleagues. That's how close we are. Though we have graduated and in the corporate world, we make it a point to have dinner together at least thrice a week and also weekends. We go shopping together and grocery shopping!

Every special occasion, we will be together.

Mother's Day at Aquamarine

To sending Grandparents off to London!

Zonia and I turning 21!



family gatherings

We have Birthdays, Chinese New Year, Christmas, Count Downs, Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day but this year, we will have one more occasion together!

This June, I would like to be involved in National Family Celebrations 2012! On the 23rd of June, Saturday, there will be a fun-filled carnival graced by our President, Mr Tony Tan Keng Yam.


About National Family Celebrations:
First launched in 1985, the NFC is an important annual national event to celebrate and reinforce the importance of the family! This iconic national event is championed by the National Family Council (NFC), with strong support from the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS). The Council is a people sector-led committee that aims to promote and build resilient families in Singapore! 

Enough said! This is a good time for you to date your parents, siblings and family to NFC 2012 that will be held at Waterfront Promenade @ Marina Bay from 11am to 6pm. We are busy growing up, but we haven't realized that our parents have too. Spend an afternoon together, sweating out at the activities all meticulously planned out- and most importantly, bonding! Event Admission is free and the event schedule looks really exciting with some of the activities being rock climbing and bungee jumping!

We carnival goers will also get to win iFly Singapore, Ski 360 Degree Cable Ski etc tickets! Have been wanting to visit iFly Singapore, the world's largest themed wind tunnel for indoor skydiving! You can also win these tickets by visiting NFC facebook page and participate in the contests. NSF website has got many contests like this Family Treasures Contest where you upload a family photo that you love and you get to win a brand new iPad! It's as simple as that! (:

As i said, many events together, means many many pictures! 

So here's another Photo Spam! 

Grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary Dinner

Shu shu, Gugu, Xiao Shen and cousins!

Dining with Grandparents once we are back from holidays!

Do remember to mark your calenders! 

National Day Out Carnival 2012
Location: Waterfront Promenade @ Marina Bay
Time: 11am to 6pm. 

Event Admission is FREE so tell your friends about this carnival! There's exciting family bonding activities and iFly Singapore, Ski 360 Degree Cable Ski etc tickets to be won!

Lastly, a family picture on my 23rd birthday on Tuesday (:


More information at

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Anonymous said...

Your family is very wonderful people!!

Anonymous said...

correction "..不会《嗐》伱"-> 害.

Anonymous said...

Oh Zoe, I wasn't even allowed to stay out until 10pm... Your mum's been very generous :) There are parents out there who are way more overprotective!