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Sick Kitten.

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Terrible weekend i had cause i fell sick like really bad. My fever went up to 40.2 degrees and it came and go for 3 days. So Friday and my weekend was to the doctor, home and sleep.

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Lost almost 3 kilo within 2 days.

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Zonia took care of me these days and this is one of the pictures of me feeling slightly better and we were chatting in bed and she stuffed these toys into my arms for a picture. Elmo, domo and Ginger are mine! (:

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And a picture of me taking my medicine. sucks to the max. leaves my throat with a bitter after taste.

Pictures at the doctor.
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Ztyle of The Day
Cardi w/ crochet pockets: Pretty Moi

Love this new cardigan that comes with two beautiful designed crochet pockets. Cute off-white buttons in the shape of ribbons really makes one feel princessy. And best of all, the knit material is fab! (:

photo 2 (36)

And another 2 photos, also in the same cardigan. 
Off to the doctor's again. ):

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fruits to boost immune system ((((:

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Last but not least, we have Eternity Loft bringing us another 2 manufactured pieces. This time its 2 tops. 
Got to love the lilac and emerald colored bustier spag top. If i were to pick 1, have got to be the emerald, a new color in EL's launches!




The other top is the 3/4 sleeved top which i think looks great for work, paired with a high waist skirt or even pants. We tried wearing it casual and i think it looks just as good. We even paired it with and without a belt to show you how versatile this piece is! Favorite got to be the white one!

Thank you Eternity Loft for another great collection! 

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Anonymous said...

where did u get the top u wore to the clinic?

Anonymous said...

lol everyone is falling sick. take good care.

Rach said...

LOL Zoe the indian lady must have felt a little awkward wearing a similar cardi in contrasting colour to yours :D