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Some random shots taken on the way to the doctor's and also snippets at home.

my favorite bread loaf is from Gardenia- Fruit and Nut Loaf!

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generous apricots

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new bangles!

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I know i look scrawny and terrible now ):

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And here's what i made to sooth the throat.
Ribena cubes- bite size.
photo 2 (38)

And my portion of lunch Zonia made which i can hardly finish cause of the poorest appetite.

photo 3 (32)
prawn look good right! :D


And here's another ZOTD which i received hot in the oven.
I must say it's a very sexy dress.





Ztyle of The Day
Georgia Strips Dress: Klamour
Cropped Jacket in Black: Gingerbelle
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Had wanted to wear this combination to work but had to take an extra day of MC cause the fever hasn't subsided. Who wouldn't love the thin strips of this nude colored dress, totally sexy imo! And definitely doubling up as a party piece.

Wore the cropped blazer to the doc's with a tank top and shorts and then with a work dress just to show the versatility of it. Every girl needs one of these essential cropped jacket.



And also, a new stop for accessories to share with you guys! :D
I chose a pair of nautical/navy Nautical Bangles and Playboy Inspired Bunny from the Bitsandtrinkets website.

photo (2)
love the anchor one! :D

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, can you help to intro me if there is any retail shops selling plain round-front pump heels? Im afraid to purchase online due to the sizes! Help!

Anonymous said...

hi Zoe, may i know where did u buy your pink bag? thanks!