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Steamboat at Pris's!

We always gather for Steamboat every new year. 
This year we had it after cny cause Pris was not in Singapore.

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My baby girl.

We had steamboat at Pris's place and she's really soooo nice to go to the market to get some stuff before we headed over in the evening (: 

The rest of us met up an hour before dinner to get the rest of the food from Tampines Mart. 




Feeling like a glutton from buying so much food lol! 

at times i just want to go without eyeliner hehe!

yuan yang

Most of my girls love spicy! So they would always have tom yum as one of the soup base. 


Jun and Pris! (:

glad that all of us made it (:


another picture with my baby girl



It's March now and I thought why not do another Zoe's Little Giveaway in the first week of March this time round! (:


This time, the giveaway will be for Twitter subscribers! (: 

This March, I will be giving off Cleansing Express/ Bifesta Makeup Remover! Have you heard of this brand? If you haven't, you may want to look into this post now! I swear by this water-based makeup remover for almost 3 years now. It helps me remove my makeup easily every day after work and it comes in a whopping 300ML bottle and cost just between $16-$18!


Looking for 3 lucky winners who retweets my tweet! So yes, 3 full size bottles to be won! :D 

1. Follow me on Twitter
2. Look for my tweet [I want to a FREE full size Bifesta Makeup Remover!]
3. Retweet! 

I will be picking 3 random winners and winners would be notified via DM within a week after the post! So i would need to bother you to unlock your twitter accounts for this period cause I won't be able to see your tweets if you have them privatized. Again, I would either mail the item to your residential address or do a little meetup if it's convenient. ((: 

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Anonymous said...

love the way u try to show your cleavage. pls show more

Anonymous said...

there are people scolding you on dianachan's formspring. :/ just thought you should know!

Anonymous said...

hi zoe, was wondering how did u find ur full time job?

sq said...

Hi, may I know where your fren Gt her flowery halter dress at?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe, how much does the BCBG Plisse watch cost? i am thinking of getting it in black. any idea where i can get it still?

Anonymous said...

hello zoe!

i email you regarding some SIM enquiries (titled) ... did you receive it ? love reading your blog btw ! you're so bubbly it makes one happy reading your blog hahahha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe the makeup remover giveaway will it have other range other than for oily skin? Thanks

Anonymous said...

May I know what the short form DM means?