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Out of The Pan!


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In a cute polka skirt on my weekend! (:
B went down to get my registered parcels for me cause my legs were aching from NATAS! Walked on 4-5 inches heels for many many hours ):

Cam whored in the car while b went down to the Post office! :D 




Brunch at Raffles City cause i had to drop by Dress Sense for a fitting (:
First time trying Out of The Pan which serves Crepes- Sweet/ Savoury.



Savoury Seafood crepes at Out of The Pan!





b's tiramisu crepes.

I have no idea why anyone can have something sweet for brunch. I would always choose savoury over sweet anytime! 


This is my order! ((: 
Soy chicken, super super nice!




Off to Dress Sense after a hearty brunch! (:
Go try Out of The Pan! You can go there anytime of the day. If you are there at tea time, i recommend the sweet crepes! (:

Out of The Pan
Raffles City Shopping Centre


Another casual top which i would want to wear over the weekend! 

Ztyle of The Day
Grey Spaghetti Top: Forever 21
Polka Dots Flare Skirt in Red and Jewels on Me Top: Love Fiie Fiie
Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond for $3 off, min. 2 items purchase.
Belt: Far East Plaza
Bag: Shenzhen

Sucker for polka dots and you will want to bag this polka number! This piece reminds me very much of a Minnie and i think school girls would love this piece like me! I decided to throw on a belt so it looks a little less casual (:

If you are looking for more casuals, this is a nice jewelled top to consider! The intricate beads on the top is a dear and my pictures just don't bring justice to this piece.






Here's a new shop in the blogshop sphere, Mystical Embrace, which i would like to share! ((:

Collaborated in their debut launch and i've to give a two thumbs up cause the clothes are really pretty. The ones which i like got to be the knitted cardigans and throw overs, mad comfy for cold lecture halls. The other piece i want to highlight is the white shirt with glittery collar, it's very much in trend now. Not forgetting a very sexy bodycon dress in red and black! Promo: Quote Zoe Raymond + like fb page for free normal postage.



1 Day i-GEL Workshop 
For Beginners and Technicians who wants to perfect the art of gel application.

Jess Puan is currently holding Japan Nail Association (JNA) License. In order to be certified, one has to first study Nail Techniques and Theory before moving on to Practical and Theory Examination at Japan. In Japan, to be certified to start a nail parlor, JNA qualifications is a must. 

Jess is constantly improving herself and with professional skills to deliver the best for all the prestigious customers of JNail. Because everyone deserves to shine. Jess Puan was also instructor of ONS. She had the licence to teach.

Course Information:
1. SGD $500 nett for each individual consisting of class kit.
2. International ONS Training Certificate will be issued at the end of the workshop
3. Training date will be decided once the enrolment quota is reached. 

Interested individuals kindly contact Jess at 96908083 for further details.
More info here.

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Anonymous said...

HIHI may I know what is the model of the camera you use?

Anonymous said...

Hi, is your chanel necklace the smaller or bigger one? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Can i check with you for the jewels on me top from Love Fiie Fiie, is it rough or smooth chiffon type?