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Shibuya Girls/ Samples from RoC


Walt Disney Studios’ magical classic #BeautyandtheBeast returns to cinemas in Disney Digital 3D on 22 Mar!  Read more about it here! Belle is one of my favorite Disney princesses!! ((:

Do you want to win attractive prizes by just gaming? Play #DettolSG Flippy & Hoofy’s Clean Quest Contest FB Game here! :D



Had dinner with b after work.
We decided on Scotts Square for ramen. 

Marukin Ramen Tokyo at basement of Scotts Square.






Okay! Verdict: the worst ramen we have ever had. It cost about $16 per bowl! )):

After dinner, b passed me these.

Weeee! New products from Dolly Wink! Love the all new packaging and also the new products! 
There's eyebrow mascara and that's my new eyelash casing! :D 


lower lashes ((:

Want to win a year's supply of these products? ((:
426612_121388104656832_103758569753119_84740_1694972135_n (1)

Take a photo with any SHIBUYA GALS products (including the new Dolly Wink eyebrow series)! I was asked to join this contest too but i thought i would share it here and let you guys win a year's supply instead! :D 

And also RoC Singapore is doing FB sampling start next monday! Want to win these samples? Start by liking their fan page! ♥


Ztyle of The Day

Macey Work Dress: Miss Monday 2007
Promo: Like fb page and quote Zoe Raymond for free normal postage.
Belt: Bugis Village
Watch: BCBG
Bag: Can't remember


and my new heels from hong kong! :D

Will blog another hong kong post soon i hope! Boss brought us to new places! More shopping places for you! ((:



Been bugging b to take me to badminton cause i needed some exercise! hahaha! 
He booked a court at Pei Cai Secondary School. For those who want to book courts for badminton, can book them online now via Sports Council. We paid $7/hr.

Went to b's to have lunch first before we went for sports.


and more dolly wink products! Join the shibuya contest to win $1000 worth k! :D

snacks from japan from b again! :D

Favorite got to be the corn chocolate! White chocolate is my fave and it's so good. You have to get that if you are there!




Ztyle of The Day
Peter Pan Top in Purple: Noir-Mannequin
Promo: Like fb page and Quote Zoe Raymond for $1 off and free normal postage.
Bottoms: Blossomz

If you are looking for tops that you can wear to work and school. Here's the piece for you. Cause of the black peter pan collar, a black bottom will compliment the top better. Be it a shorts or work skirt!

And into my sports attire.
Top is from En and bottom is Zonia's. 

photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (13)

photo 3 (9)
so ugly lol. 

Shot of me hao lianing to b that i can put my legs this way and head to the floor in front of me. lolol.

photo 4 (9)

jackfruits outside the school!


b and declan

damn old shoes from dance in SIM

and a last shot of the sweaty smelly me! lol

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Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe ! I email you regarding some advertisement but you didnt get back to me and it's been 2 days . Please check :) Thank you ! :)

Anonymous said...

erm u put make up on when exercising? won't feel uncomfortable ah?

Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe,

Which liquid eyeline - Dollywink or Heroine Make is more lasting? Currently i'm using Heroine make. But i realised that sometimes the eyeliner will wear out after some time. So was considering to change to Dolly Wink.

Hope you can advise. Thanks! :D