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Friday at Grandparents.


Love the wall at Icon! :D 

Ztyle of The Day
Lace Dress: Viola Femme
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Bag: Can't remember
Wedges: Bugis Village
Bracelet: Forever 21

I love lace cause they look really dainty. So i wore this dress out to work and i didn't have to lug a blazer cause of it's fab material. There's inner lining so no worries of it's light shade!

Dinner at grandparents' after work on Friday! (:
Cause i wasnt feel to well in the day, didn't have any food so ah ma gave me a bowl of ai xin tang cause dinner was not cooked yet hehe! 



omg my little cousin whos only in secondary school but sooo tall

helping ah ma with the batter! :D


photo 5 (9)
we have our very own hokkien mee. super good!

photo 3 (12)
prawn fritters!

with my YOG- Your only Gugu.

And here's another ZOTD! Zonia went with me to shoot on Sunday (:

photo 2 (14)

photo 3 (10)

Ztyle of The Day 
Basic Toga in Black: Tow Kay Neo 
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Belt: Far East Plaza
Clutch: March Shop
Bangle: Forever 21
Umbrella: Taiwan

I know i'm seldom in dark shades, especially black! But i couldn't resist this basic black toga which i can wear on weekends with a pair of sandals/slippers or to work as well! I decided to brighten the piece up a lil with the colored belt.

photo 4 (10)

photo 5 (7)

And also, i announced the 3 winners of ZLG's Bifesta Makeup remover giveaway on twitter last night!(:

I used the random number generator and it picked 3, 82 and 68! They are @cindychan33, @angelinetanhy and @peiyiloh respectively! :D Please email me at for a meetup arrangement! ((:

More exciting giveaways next month, i promise! :D

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Annie Maxx said...

hi Zoey,
I love this lace dress. Not sure if you feel like keeping it.If you consider to sell it,please let me know :)

my email address is :)

PS:I love reading your blog. And sometimes I bumped into those not so positive remarks,I hope you will stay strong and just know best what is true and whose opinions matter to you :)